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Where to get water in the city?
There are some campgrounds a dozen miles away or so, but they charge a lot (bay area, California). Other than buying from residents, where can you get potable water cheap?
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??? From the tap in any convenient restroom???

If you're talking filling up big tanks that's different. But taps aren't hard to find at

Rest Stops
Gas stations
Propane stations

Many local water companies also have fill spots.

Last resort, just ask! Most people are kind and generous, and you never know, you may make new friends.
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I've always carried a 25' piece of white RV drinking water hose with me when on the road.  Like this :

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRv5frZF4LJwD6-mtZnkpu...jSumXJ-uQ_]

I find a larger newer nice Service Station in the slow time of the evening and buy some gas,  perhaps a bag of ice, and then inquire if there is a hose bib (which I've already located on the outside wall from driving around the place) ....and ask if they would mind me getting some water explaining that I won't need much.   It's never been a problem when I point to my Van.  Usually the help at the counter are early 20's young people who really don't care.  I may get 10 to 15 gallons at the most.   Then I may lock up the Van and use the restroom before I get back into the Van and move on.  I always run the water for a minute or so to assure fresh water,  but most of the mornings at these places the help is hosing the lot around the building so the water supply is generally good.

I can always stop at a Dollar Store and get drinking/cooking water cheap.  The water I get from the hose is more for dish washing etc.
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How about water cooler bottles from Walmart?
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I usually have a couple gallon bottles from Walmart with me. And usually have a few black plastic water bottles perched up on the dash to get hot water.

Living in "Ziggy the Snail Shell" since May 2015
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Glacier Water has vending machines all over the US:

Just enter the name of your town or zip code. 

You need to use your own jugs (1 or 5 gal.).

The cost is between $0.25 and $0.35 per gallon.  

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