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I just don't understand.
Going down the road yesterday, and saw this.  

Can someone explain it to me?

I found it on Youtube, But I still don't get it.   Huh

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AbuelaLoca (06-19-2017)
Big Pimpin'.
[Image: W2lacLw.jpg]
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watched the video and liked the guy...something to be said for doing something weird just because you can and to make people sit up and look...

Ford E450 Box Truck RV Conversion
...but no pictures thanks to Photobucket...
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"A" for thinking outside the box, but it's mighty ugly regardless!
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I had a Sable wagon and it was one of my favorite cars. I suppose if you need to haul a lot it has a purpose. Just doing it to do it, what a waste.
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Huh  Fugly  Confused

Oh Yeah.....IMHO

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Is that a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire? Makes me wonder about how you would insure it after mods like that. Obvious question would be "Why not just get a truck?" If that little deck had a hot tub it might be a different story.

"We're all bozos on the bus, so might as well sit back and enjoy the ride."

Wavy Gravy

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Uh what?
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Just another example of "Look At Me" syndrome . . .

Life is not about discovering yourself.  Life is about creating yourself!

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(06-20-2017, 04:08 AM)Optimistic Paranoid Wrote: Just another example of "Look At Me" syndrome . . .

More like....."Look at my big deck"....syndrome
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