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Interesting de-junking article
i really like your post , thanks for sharing and plz keep sharing with us . Smile
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Thanks everyone for the entertaining comments.. I look around my house and think how in the heck, and where do I begin? A drawer at a time will be more manageable for me. My question is, how do you give relatives the sentimental things and antiques without them thinking you have gone crazy or have a terminal disease? When I posted something for sale online I got quizzed. I'm not real close with any of my family, but apparently I am watched pretty closely. Smile
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In my early days/months I will use a storage facility for some things.
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It is preoccupation with possessions, more than anything else, that prevents us from living freely & nobly. – Bertrand Russell
I agree with Bob re Multi-Use
"As you go through the things you think you are going to keep, keep the multi-use principle in mind."

and as well, aside Shelter from the weather, are physical objects kind of Essential... for life
1. Clothes: some of which I sewed. And when there's No $ to buy more, why throw-away what you have ? makes no sense.
2. Nutritional foods: some of which I grow. - Once in the van full-time, How to continue... growing nutrition ? Suggestions ?
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