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Anybody try cleaning up around their site B4 they sleep?
I've cleaned up after some parties (I didn't attend any, just tried to camp there after they were over) at Lake Meade, I never imagined it would be a problem. When I was frequenting the area I even started carrying compactor bags with me for the broken glass. They're much thicker than kitchen bags but still a smaller size. The rangers there are a bit strange - I had one tell me I couldn't camp on the wash and had to be at a marked campsite. I told him there were no marked campsites in Boxcar cove, because there aren't, so he just told me I couldn't be where I was.

I do tend to clean up around me if for no other reason than I don't want people to think it's my trash.
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I pick up after people all the time for no other reason except it's the right thing to do. However, for sleeping over, I am used to the city rules by: come late, leave early, and don't do anything to stand out.

Camping and boondocking are different for different places at different times. Statistically, always adhering to the city rules seems safest to avoid any conflicts with the local law: it's different for every LEO for every one of their moods too. Stuff changes much quicker than hard rules.

In fact, camp grounds seem like a bargain for a measure of safety and lease agreements. It gets quite complicated recording, monitoring, and planning camp sites though (Bob never told us how to do that in detail yet??) Except for transition periods in between, boondocking is a tough way to live w/o sound sleep. ymmv.
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If the spot is so bad that I feel compelled to clean up BEFORE my stay, I just find somewhere else to park. Does that make me a bad person? Cleaning my own mess goes without saying.
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