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The Fat Van rides again
Photobucket wanted me to pay them to show you the photo i just took and i said no

Here's the old thread
still a bunch of pictures and links/prices of the stuff i bought
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So i bought a 1977 chevrolet g30 based Chinook Concourse

[Image: llSBrBw.jpg]
[Image: u533g4B.jpg]
[Image: 7ibdKnJ.jpg]
[Image: Pfzaiev.jpg]
[Image: RODmLTT.jpg]
[Image: 73NeKhY.jpg]
[Image: 69r67Q1.jpg]
[Image: 2sKTLXc.jpg]
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And then i destroyed it

[Image: fEARewl.jpg]
[Image: iGmJTcV.jpg]
[Image: YZpwEPo.jpg]
[Image: w1EOhcj.jpg]
[Image: EFDdVr0.jpg]
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added some bolts in the floor
[Image: Y6pnOje.jpg]

cleaned up the cab some
[Image: USvvD05.jpg]
[Image: dINtHBk.jpg]
definatly needs sound deadening/heat shield on the floor and doghouse,there's 400cid next to you and you know it
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A reason why you destroyed it?
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yep,400cid small block siamese cylinder chevy so

[Image: CdkLEWP.jpg]
[Image: 8KG6CV3.jpg]
[Image: thceSco.jpg]
[Image: CJFsTl2.jpg]
[Image: ehGygqc.jpg]
new trans and oil coolers,links in original thread
[Image: tLcJkzV.jpg]
painted the oil cooler black
[Image: 8pqA3jr.jpg]
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didn't like the wasted rear suspension
[Image: 3o3sfHq.jpg]
so i replaced it
[Image: 2TBJrvr.jpg]
[Image: ztICKiD.jpg]

but it didn't fix the axle centering
[Image: uCfgYxK.jpg]

so i added a centering kit a 2 inch lift
[Image: tsQIA6T.jpg]

and now it shouldn't eat the fenders
[Image: pYfuNrg.jpg]
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need this one to put it back together
[Image: YZpwEPo.jpg]

and some gear porn for the ranger
[Image: W9xH74p.jpg]
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new marker light

[Image: ujy2gtQ.jpg]
[Image: VirlVI7.jpg]

but the backup light are not working and that's where we left off
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the main power wire for the backup lights is right there above the door so i disconnected them,brought out my pre damaged rv battery and hooked them direct and both worked,where the chassis wire harness goes from the cab up into the house it is bare wire with no grommet so there could be some damage there but i'm putting my bets on the connecting in my loosy goosy gear selector

but i didnt feel like wire/electricity stuff so i chopped wood
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