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The Fat Van rides again
woke up the next morning with a pinched nerve in the lower back and a swollen knee,so i dont want to chop wood anymore and still dont want to do electricity so i painted that door again
[Image: 3nUucVF.jpg]

then cleaned up the battery box and added some reinforcement
[Image: QxMw9QA.jpg]
2x10 and some deck screws,pretty sure it will take that side of the rig if it goes but 2 batteries and light storage is about all i would put in it
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and then this thing
[Image: 22NCHCY.jpg]
it's a pop out for a residential electrical outlet for a ac unit that has been leaking for a while,you can see the outline of the 8 different sealants they used including duct tape on the pop out and vent that i did a quicky clean and seal right after i got it

[Image: G7yH2t2.jpg]
plugged the hole with a piece of wood and did fill that little space to the left with a piece wood and dug up a void up top there

[Image: ufmRdCv.jpg]
4 layers cut to the size of the hole and 6 over it all,filled the void with resin had just enough for the job

at this point my knee said enough ladder so i gave it one good noodle arm sanding,primer,paint and walked away
[Image: 8J3LHKD.jpg]
not that pretty but will never leak again

might be doing the vent to,why may you ask
[Image: viQVI1v.jpg]

see two spots for solar panels but if the center vent was gone three? and if the bathroom vent was gone 4?
and if you lower your eyes a little that a 7'3"x2'3" giant widow that opens at both ends,i got ventilation,but that stuff is way in the future
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(07-01-2017, 11:12 PM)CautionToTheWind Wrote: A reason why you destroyed it?

common rv crap build materials and quality,see through plastic and particleboard
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Vesper (12-28-2017), shadow (10-22-2017), CautionToTheWind (07-02-2017)
That came out really good for a one-armed-noodle-sander !

Ford E450 Box Truck RV Conversion
...but no pictures thanks to Photobucket...
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Gary68 (07-04-2017)
i removed the water heater and this fell out of the burner
[Image: gfoDk5Z.jpg]

took of the cover and it looks solid,i'll hit it with a wire brush
[Image: g6tebzV.jpg]
inside of the tank looked good

when i turn the water heater on and press the red button shouldn't i be seeing a spark in there?because i am not

these propane appliances are not precision machines are they? blow a flame in a metal tube to heat water and this is my stove top plumbing
[Image: gKOffwo.jpg]
i guess those holes are the air/fuel mixture and the propane is under enough pressure to make it by?
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A lot of great work so far!!
'93 Club Wagon (Juanita) & AbuelaLoca (Belinda)

All aboard! Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaa!

Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay
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Gary68 (07-04-2017)
(07-03-2017, 10:48 PM)Gary68 Wrote: when i turn the water heater on and press the red button shouldn't i be seeing a spark in there?

Not unless you have a piezo electric starter. I doubt that vintage motorhome would have one. You need a long lighter to reach and light the pilot.
Glad to see your pictures of the MH again after the PB fiasco. Looking good. Smile
Doing the Van thing since the early eighties.
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FibroWarrior (10-05-2017), Gary68 (07-04-2017)
it has an igniter
[Image: WlvbCvJ.jpg]

should i be seeing a spark from one of those little tubes or is it happening inside the control box?
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I don't think that's an igniter.  When you turn the big knob to where the small button on the left can be pushed down it lets gas go to the pilot light.  After the thermacouple get hot enough you can let the small button up and the pilot flame will burn.  You will need to use some kind of lighter to get the pilot flame(light) to burn on its own.  If the pilot won't burn on its own after holding down the small button for a minute or two the thermacouple will need to be replaced or at least cleaned up so it can prove to the gas valve its ok to  allow gas to come into the burner.   This keeps you from getting the burner filled gas and then blowing your ass off if a spark happened along.  Hopefully someone can explain it more clearly.  I have been wrong before, but that's what your system looks like to me.
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Gary68 (07-04-2017)
Looks like you are enjoying this!!! Keep the pics coming! Good luck!
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Gary68 (07-04-2017)

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