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Ford and Spark Plug Issues
A recent video by Bob Wells, and an interest in a recently advertised Ford van, led me to revisit the spark plug issues that some have had with Ford vehicles.  Not only did I come across the blown/ejected spark plug issue, there is also an issue where the spark plugs seize and break when removal is attempted.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the more interesting links I came across dealing with both issues. I sure wish Toyota would sell their Hiace van here in the U.S.

Why Do Spark Plugs Eject from Ford's Engines?

Nice pics and info in this PDF:
Ford Spark Plug Problems

Ford's Spit-Out Plugs Hit Mechanics in Their Wallets

According to this thread, the issue can be hit and miss.  A lot of commenters love(d) their Fords.

Ford Settles Spark Plug Defect Class Action Lawsuits for $2.2M
Very light slap on the wrist; I guess it was a better option for Ford rather than wracking up much larger legal bills.
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dr_nelson (07-10-2017)
Thanks for going to the trouble of putting that together!
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the problem is you just never know when it will happen. it's a ticking time bomb. it could happen while sitting at a stop light or driving down the highway at 70mph or while changing the plugs. there is a fix but it's not cheap to do it right. also it has been known to happen across all the v-8's and the v-10. highdesertranger
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Grizzly708 (11-20-2017)
Those articles are mostly correct, but over on the Ford Forums there are procedures and fixes, and the problem was corrected with new plug design starting in 2009, at least on the 2-valve Triton V-8 and V-10 motors in the Ford E-series vans.

But, I cant figure out the part about taking the cab off a pickup truck or van to remove the engine...that is a new one on me.

If you look at 2009 and later E-series vans, you are in the clear. Mine has not spit anything, much less, a sparkplug.
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Yeah thank you, Introverting!
I have a 2001 V8 Triton, and the previous owner had the most "prone" plug fixed with an insert. It was a time-consuming act for me to find this out while changing the spark plugs after I got the van (my thread about my spark plugs).
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The Triton V-10 I drive for the DAV (VA Hospital) had it's spark plugs retro fitted.  It now uses the plugs from the V8 5.4 engine.  (I'm told)  

Even with myself and 10 other people aboard,  it flat runs and the A/C is always on high as it is 90+ degrees outside. 

Maintenance may hold some issues for the mechanics,  but operations has always been trouble free for me.
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Hi All.  Since hot air is burning up my foot on the gas pedal and it's just as hot in the passenger footwell, I've taken the van in for a tune-up, to inspect the heat shields, and to address any leaky seals in the engine cover.  Since I happened to come across the spark plug issue, I mentioned this to my mechanic, who said, "Ford?  I used to have a Ford.  They take this-and-such spark plug".  I mentioned that it is a known issue for my year (2004) on the Triton V-10 E-350, that eventually the tips will break off and drop into the heads, not a good thing.  I heard Champion brand spark plugs will fix it, but I don't know.  He also said other than making sure the bolts and clamps are tight on the engine cover, beyond that he does not know what to do other than order a new cover.  I am trying to get on the road.  Do I really need a new cover or is there another fix?  Also, he'll probably just put whatever spark plugs on it thinking I must be nuts.  This is a good mechanic, one I trust, but he may not be aware of this issue, so I just mentioned it.  Told him I might be wrong and to see what he sees.  Any other experience out there with this?
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