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I get what you're saying about the insurance and the coverage and then being able to deny it but I live in my car does that mean I have to pay different insurance because I live in my car or is it still just a car

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First, get the title issue sorted out so it says RV, recreational vehicle, motorhome, etc... This may require the vehicle be complete to get a vehicle classification change in the title. Until then, you'll be stuck with commercial for private use insurance. Once you get the title taken care of, take your title and vehicle to an insurance AGENT. Do not call the 800 or try to work it through the internet. If you get insurance that way it will get dropped when the VIN or make/model doesn't match the classification of RV in their system. It sucks to be on the road and not receive the letter that your insurance has been unknowingly dropped. Thier systems have every vehicle make/model listed and it's classification. With an agent, they can verify the vehicle and go to bat for you with the insuring company. They may have to copy or fax your title to the head office to verify the RV title status. Trust me, they want the business. It's good word of mouth when they pull off what most other insurance companies won't deal with. Just think about how often people don't change insurance companies. If they get it done, they could set themselves up for many years of income. I've been with Progressive and they love me. I've never had a claim and I have been with them for over 11 years.
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