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Utility or Cargo Trailer???

I am looking more seriously at converting a trailer to a second room and storage.  I'm torn between buying a cargo trailer or buying a utility trailer and building out the thing...  Here is a wish list.  Please comment / recommend / flame / etc...  Any insight is helpful...

Size:  Around 5x8 or 6 x 9...

Interior height - six feet would be nice but five is okay, too.

Front:  A small portion in the front will have a diamond plate metal container designed to allow the generator to run inside the trailer (while I am in the van).  It will be on the driver's side.   On the right side will be storage totes.

Rear:  I want to put an easy chair in the back of the trailer as well as a Dometic compressor style fridge.  A little desk area would be nice, too.

Door:  Rear, which can locked from inside or outside.  (Rear door makes both side walls fully "usable".

I'm thinking about making a hinge-down TV cabinet or just mounting one to the front wall...

So what do you think?  Should I convert a utility trailer (build walls for it, etc.) or just buy a cargo trailer?  The funds are there but I plan to save up for whatever is chosen.

I like this truck camper but it's not subtle enough unless in Bentonville, Arkansas

One more consideration... I'm not worried too much about stealth but don't want to have something with a shingled roof and cupola (and weather vane) on top...  That might look too "redneck"...  Also, whichever way I go needs to be safe on the road for liability reasons.


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I've seen new cargo trailers 7wX7hX12' long plus a V nose, with 2 vertical opening back doors and an entry door on the side for around $2400. For much less work than a build your own ... better construction, ease of insulation, no roof leak worrys, etc., I'd go for the cargo trailer, and then outfit it to suit your needs.

Just my opinion,

P.S. - I'd add a top spoiler to your van to reduce air drag even more and help with gas mileage.
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GaRay (12-29-2017)

I am leaning that direction as well.  Safer and more professional looking.  More professional looking can also mean a little more stealth.  Right now I'm trying to decide if I want a whole new room or just get by with a small trailer to use for the generator, clothes, etc. without being able to sit inside it...  There are a trillion factors to consider.

Thanks for the input!

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Hey VanTrekker, we folks around Bentonville need that rear porch to quickly move our smaller portable stills to keep them safe,
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LOL...  Sorry - hope I didn't offend.  If so, I'll edit the text a little...

Our family in NE Iowa is the yankee version of "rednecks".  
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The porch is the tailgate, how awesome   Id go with the cargo trailer...just not worth it to build from scratch unless you are a good but broke builder and will do it from pallets or scrap wood or something.
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i vote for cargo trailer with ramp rear; i might be doing this next .... blkjak
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I think BlkJak wants a rear ramp so he can tote his cycle inside.

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LOL.  I'll post a separate thread in a minute... I chose the third option for storage - a simple cargo rack to go on the back of the van...
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hi bob ....

actually if i was doing a cargo without a motorcycle i would use the ramp for a deck and screen in the rear of the cargo and include a man/woman door ....

maybe hinge the ramp door at the top for a large awning ....

blkjak ....
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