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Utility or Cargo Trailer???
Cargo for sure. I've got a nice 6x13 with ramp that I was planning on converting but how stealth can it be? I find gas mileage suffers pulling it at high speeds but it would be easier to live in then a campershell like Im thinking of doing soon. Storage fees are pretty cheap at 15 a month and I might be able to live out of it for a short time in a storage place. I can't see street camping with it so thats why I decided on a campershell.

I've got a buddy that used it hunting and camped in it in cold temps and loves it. Guess it stays warm enough .

placing a battery box and generator up on the nose would be very easy to do and can be welded for security purposes. A fold down bed is very easy to do on one of these trailers so a wall mounted tv or fold down tv is even simpler.
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If you don't care about stealth then buy the utility trailer and do something like this....
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It is on a 4'8" x 6' trailer and only cost about $2500. $500 was for trailer and $2000 for materials and to fit it out the way he wanted it.I went to the local lumber yard with a materials list and it's only about $600 for the wood.Then figure in everything else.
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Blkjak>maybe hinge the ramp door at the top for a large awning ...

I did that to my current Hobby Shoppe cargo trlr & after  a couple yrs, the seriously heavy duty hinges broke & the whole door crashed down, taking the porch with it
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just wanted to point out that a cargo trailer may be a little bit more secure and weather tight also think resale, u will want a bigger one some day
(10-07-2012, 01:38 PM)VanTrekker Wrote:

I am leaning that direction as well.  Safer and more professional looking.  More professional looking can also mean a little more stealth.  Right now I'm trying to decide if I want a whole new room or just get by with a small trailer to use for the generator, clothes, etc. without being able to sit inside it...  There are a trillion factors to consider.

Thanks for the input!

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(10-07-2012, 01:12 PM)stude53 Wrote: Bradford,
I've seen new cargo trailers 7wX7hX12' long plus a V nose, with 2 vertical opening back doors and an entry door on the side for around $2400. For much less work than a build your own ... better construction, ease of insulation, no roof leak worrys, etc., I'd go for the cargo trailer, and then outfit it to suit your needs.

Just my opinion,

P.S. - I'd add a top spoiler to your van to reduce air drag even more and help with gas mileage.
Hi All
I hope this is in the right place.
I'd like to reply to anybody looking to convert a cargo van.
A day-trip into the North Carolina Tri area was very rewarding.  I wanted to see what I'd be getting so I went to the factory.....They are made by Kaufman, in Denton NC.
The version I was looking at is a 6 X 10 with barn doors on the rear.
Single axle with brakes is the only option I selected, but I did go with the deluxe version, because the additional cost was well justified.
I'm not great at I'll make this short.
I'll try to help with any questions.
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RVTravel (12-28-2017)

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