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Women Only: Safety on the road - sexual assault
She didn't file charges so he can go where he wants, when he wants. Nobody can ban him from the RTR as long as he behaves himself. BTW the guys name was taken off this forum because there will be more than one guy with that name at the RTR. It's important to not paint the other same name guys as perps. It's not fair to them.
Go to the event. Have fun. Use the usual precautions you'd take when in a crowd of strangers.
1997 Class B Dodge van 3500.
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Hmmm.   I'll have to give it some thought on what I want to do.  Thanks for the response.
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Hello sisters ~ I'm new to the website. I'm female. I go by "" You can call me Em. I'm so glad this thread was started. I read all the replies. I just learned of Bob Wells and this website and this forum, on 2.3.18. I'm sixty, and have been a hiker and a camper all my life. I've driven across country a number of times, and have made sure to follow my spiritual guidance and my gut. They both have kept me safe in adulthood. I especially appreciated TrainChaser's Comment/Reply, including her equation (A+B+C=stupid). I don't mean that anyone should be called stupid, but the train of thought that was laid out, as to why some women feel like they won't get targeted, or don't need to take any precautions for safety, isn't logical. I went through some stuff when I was a young kid, by an older male sibling (4.5 yrs older), but I figured it out when I was about eleven, and I haven't been physically bothered by anyone since then. I lost a wonderful job once, due to being harassed at work by a male who'd been targeting women there for seven years. I exposed the history of his behavior; then resigned my job and left the state. I was pretty sure that had I stayed, he and his "good ole boys" might well have tried to teach me a lesson for revealing his harassment of women. But when I reached my destination, Gavin de Becker's book quickly crossed my path and crystalized my awareness of my powerful inner resolve to either flee, fight, or die trying. No ifs, ands or buts. I believe in peace, but if something is not Just, there can be no Peace. And we each have the right to self-defense. I noticed that one shorter comment mentioned Crystal Vanner, and the next reply seemed to be referring to something that had happened to her at an RTR?, involving some male, and there was a question about whether that male was now banned from RTR. And there was mention that Crystal had either not reported it or had not pressed charges. I'd like to know what that was all about. Part of my concern is due to the fact that she's a black person, as am I. And there are very few black women (or black men?) involved in the circle that Bob has helped create at RTR. So that makes us more visible. My last comment for now is a suggestion: I truly feel that women would be well-advised to strengthen the bonds between and among each other, for our safety. If we (and our best male allies) are looking out for each other, much less harm would come to any of us. I was partnered with a most honorable man for fifteen years. I respect all people who I find to be deserving of respect. I believe that each male must earn respect, and not expect that respect should be automatically extended. I am a firm believer in healthy boundaries. I'm interested in PM with any woman on this forum who is confronting racism in their own life, and who is educating herself about the true history of this country. The past is prologue, and this country has yet to admit its historical wrongdoings, or to solve its current continuation of the same. My dad served in WWII, and my grandfather was a police officer, in a place and at a time when it was very rare for a black man to aspire to that job. I'm very proud of them both, for having prevailed despite the odds arrayed against them. Back to women and sisterhood, I believe that women, united as the bearers of the next generation (even if symbolically), have a responsibility to insist that men (and errant women) correct their behavior. And to do that, I believe that women need to show the way for all of us to heal our society. The statistics of sociopaths and psychopaths could be greatly decreased, if we would heal our society. Women are not weak; we are strong beyond measure, and we must own our strength, concentrate and apply it, in service to the coming generations. Once we begin acting in concert together, the good men will be catalyzed to take their rightful place beside us, in healing all our wounded psyches and our society.
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