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Previous travel experience?
I'm still working, but contemplating a pleasant retirement in a few, hopefully short, years....  My folks had a travel trailer that they used in my father's work and the family traveled together around the upper midwest before I was in school.  Wonderful memories of that.  

After high school, I traveled in a van and stepvan for the summer - taking interesting animals around to various stores as promotions and such.  A few years later, I had a job that had me working as a field rep and driving back and forth across the country, staying perhaps a month in each spot.  Nice in that now I can usually "connect" with folks by having something in common with them since I've lived/worked near where they either live or have lived.  About 10 or 15 years ago, I lived in Russia for a bit and travelled some there, too....

Now, with work, I often travel to countries in Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, South and Central America, Africa, etc.  Love the food in places like India, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand (and neighboring countries), and the Philippines.  It's great having friends spread out that I can re-connect with and get to visit with, too, while traveling.  My wife hasn't had an opportunity to see much of the USA and I'd really like to be able to show her some things I've seen and explore new places together.  Curiously enough, we presently travel more internationally together than we do within the USA.  

Life is interesting, isn't it? Nice to read the experiences others have had - thanks to the OP for starting the thread!
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1st time vandweller, although have traveled most of US except NE and Hawaii. And you sir, Mr Noodly, how much previous travel experience for you?
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My life has been nothing but travel. Back and forth between Cincinnati to Fayetteville NC until my mother divorced my father when I was 6. She got married 7 more times in her life so I was baggage. One of my step fathers was a draft dodger during the Vietnam War so we moved everytime the mail started showing up in the mailbox. I've lived in Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Delaware and Arkansas before I got out of High School. Went into the military and spent my time in Oklahoma and Germany. Got out and started my career in engineering. I was a contract designer traveling all over the US working on projects from 6 months to a year at a time. Left that and became an over the road truck driver coast to coast. Retired now and sitting here in a sweat puddle in Australia. Wife and I come back to the US at the end of January and after some construction work on one of our rental houses and our TT, we'll hit the road wearing out tires.
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My first big trip was to Arizona where i lived for 1 1/2 years. Then i joined the navy and lived in italy for 4 years.i traveled all over the Mediterranean on the ship.
When i got out i stayed in ohio for a few years then took a road trip to California. This was my first experience boondocking. I didnt even know thats what it was at the time i just knew i didnt want to pay to stay in a hotel every night. I wish i knew about all the camp sites. I stayed in the back seat of my f250 every night for about two weeks parked at walmart or pilot.
Ive taken other trips in my truck to florida kentucky Connecticut and south Carolina. Now in the navy reserves i still get to travel around. Im not in a van yet but hope to be soon and travel some more.
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As a child it was always trips around Michigan to see the family. As a adult the ex and I boondocked all over the Rockies until work got to busy and we started taking holiday trips over seas. We have been to Mexico a dozen times, Hawaii, Alaska, South Africa, Galapagos, Costa Rica, and a whirl wind tour of Europe with three days eack in Dublin, London, Paris and Rome.

Now I want to see this country.
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Prolly started as a teen, when I got my first 10 speed road bike after my spider bike was stolen. This new bike could really cover some ground, and I was soon on the road to discovery. This continued and expanded with my driver's license & first car, and has been ongoing for nearly 50 years.
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I did some camping on the East Coast and Canada when I was kid, but was too young to drive. I have also traveled all over South East Asia as well as North East Asia, Nepal, India and Australia. However, never drove at all. This will be a very different type of traveling. i have always resented the price of hotel rooms in America, so a camper-van is hopefully a way to travel and see new places affordably.
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I've traveled around the US a little bit... have been to about 20 states (mostly via roadtrips).  Internationally I've been to England, Morocco, Nigeria, South Korea, Dominican Republic, Mexico (2 different states), and Canada (2 different provinces).  I can't wait to add to the list! Big Grin  I also did quite a bit of hiking & backpacking while I lived in California... went solo from east to west across the sierras- beautiful wilderness!

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