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Monstaliner for my RV
A couple of months ago I was discussing my RV..and the paint job.   I saw a van done with monstraliner...I love the idea.   

An offer was made to help me paint it this way in the desert this winter.    

So, here I am looking to make it into a offer.

I can afford some payment for the help.   I have a budget of $3000.  For material and labor.

Assume the cost of material is close to $1000 ... then if it could be organized to get 4 people to help with this..I could pay $500 each for the labor.

I realize this is not close to what a autopaint shop would want for the labor...but, is it a decent value for people here to do this?

It is 21 feet bumper to bumper...  9 feet tall to the roof ridge line (new roof).  Plus the rear
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Seems like a very reasonable offer!
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