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So...the floor was the least of my worries. I'm glad I didn't get further into the build. The van is junk. The mechanic didn't even charge me because he felt so bad. He didn't even want me to drive it home. He said I am lucky I got from four hours away where I bought it especially going on the interstate withy there children in it. The steering box is almost completely off, rear brake line rusted, leak in field line, wheel bearings, idler arm, etc etc ETC. . I am bummed. I called the guy I bought from to warn h about the garage he got inspection at. He just put in $1,000 in work for his sticker in June...he gavee the receipts. I left him a message. Ugh. I'm supposed to be moving into the van with my kids next week. Looks like we are going the RV route if I can find a decent one in my price range. Thanks everyone for your help and advice. I'm SO SO GLAD I brought it in.
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Oy! Sorry about the set back, hoping something very cool comes along for you.
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so sorry to hear this. rust is the killer of Dodge's. highdesertranger
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Yeah. Steering boxes breaking off due to rust. Thats scary.

Good luck with finding an RV... They tend to not be so rusty because they really don't get driven in winter. Still. If its a Dodge RV, go have the front frame horns inspected before you buy...
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