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WOMENS' FORUM: Do you have any problems sleeping when you're out
Since the 70s, I've never had any problem sleeping while "out", either in a van or tent camping, or just sleeping at large, even in bear country. But then again, I sleep with an air horn and my friend, Mrs.Glock. I didn't start with those two items until I got older and felt more vulnerable. I can't beat someone over their head with my cane enough to make a difference.

I have to amend the above: mosquito whining can make me nuts.
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I envy those of you who can sleep anywhere, my wife was like that when we first met, I used to joke you could hang her from a coat hook and she could sleep. I've never been a good sleeper until more recently, now I can lay down and crash for almost eight hours most nights, it's heavenly!

One big thing I've found helps when camping/traveling (besides ear plugs) is going that extra mile to make sure where you sleep is as comfy as possible, I like my nest to be super comfy. I don't consider an awesome mattress and smooth soft sheets a luxury, they help me settle in and stay rested so I can enjoy all the adventures!!

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