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Brake repair!?!?!
Found out the hard way coming down a mountian I need brakes !!! 
Anyone here in the Golden area who maybe able to help replace pads and rotor I've been calling around all day and can't find anything under $500 I'm disabled and that's just about my whole check and won't have it till the first again 
I have parts money just no way to do it myself I could really use some shade tree help and fast 
95 GMC Vandura
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Golden where? Colorado highdesertranger
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Are you too disabled to change a tire? If you can handle that, do you have some socket wrenches and a big C-clamp? New pads and rotors are about as simple as changing a tire. There are YouTube videos showing how.

Rear drum brakes are more of a pain in the ass and requite a specialized tool or two. But rear brakes play only a small part in most stopping situations, so you MIGHT be able to leave them alone. is a good source for low prices on brakes and pads. They have a rotor and pad kit for '95 Chevy vans for $123. Even if you don't do the job yourself, knowing the price of the parts can give you negotiating power with a mechanic.
Someone wanted me to put this here:
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