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Converting Existing Vehicle Air Conditioning Compressor and Fan to Run via 110v AC
Well, I've had some computer problems and just now being able to check the replies to my post.  I want to thank everyone that has put their 2 cents into the mix.  I was hoping that their would be a rather simple way of converting over but I suppose if it was doable, someone would have already done so.  I guess that the best solution would be to move around to the most ideal weather throughout the year and for those times that I'm stuck in a hot climate, then Slow2day's suggestion sounds like a great idea, providing I find some shore power.  Thanks again, everyone.
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Yeah, I saw somewhere on the net a cargo trailer that had an inside wall with a window and a small A/C installed. The space also left room for batteries, trailer spare, jacks, tools,etc. When the trailer barn doors were closed, all that stuff was out of view which would be nice for security and stealth. That's how I plan to do my cargo conversion. No reason it couldn't be done on a van also.
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