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Cast Iron, Aluminum, or stainless steel?
I'm just curious what others think of this:

I *NEVER* use aluminum cookware. Everything I have in my van for cooking/eating is either stainless steel or cast iron. I cant taste the difference when anything is cooked on aluminum.. yuck... Can you? Do you season your pots/pans?
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Cast Iron , yes.
Stainless , no.
I have an old cast aluminum dutch oven that was my grandmother's but I left it with a good friend because , well camper and too much stuff = bad juju.
But I remember many meals cooked in it that are my memories of my grandmother . I was real small but it always tasted goooooooood ,
maybe that was the aluminum but it's grandma to me !
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steamjam1 (08-14-2017)
Yes seasoned cast iron.

I have a few copper clad with SS that are good
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steamjam1 (08-14-2017)
Seasoned cast iron fry pan, an antique cast aluminum fry pan that only gets hauled out if I'm cooking for a bunch and a stainless steel pot set.

I finally gifted my enamelled pots last winter. They'd been my camping pots for decades but with me full-timing I got to keep the good stainless in the camper so the old orange and white enamelled ones were not needed anymore and taking up space.
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stainless and cast iron only. I always season cast iron. they only time I seasoned stainless is when I recycled a fry pan that someone was going to toss. they brunt something in it real bad it seemed to have gotten into the pores. so I washed it multiple times until I couldn't get it any cleaner then I took a sanding flap wheel on my angle grinder and got the rest of the black spots out. then I took 600 wet and dry sandpaper and worked it until all the scratches were gone. then I washed it real good and fired a bunch of bacon in it. it came out great and to this day it is my go to fry pan and that was 20 some years ago. highdesertranger
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I do most of my cooking right in the can. That always riles up my health-conscious friends who tell me it will kill me in 30 years or whatever. But I've been doing it since I started backpacking some 40 years ago, and have had no apparent ill effects.

I also have a plain ole ordinary nonstick frying pan from Walmart, and an aluminum saucepan which I use mostly to boil water.

It is a myth that cooking in an aluminum pot leaches metal into your food.

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Even letting acidic sauce sit?
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Cast iron
Cast iron
Cast iron
And cast iron
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Aluminum typical camping gear cook set.
Aluminum pizza pans for pizza, bread or cookies.
Stainless for percolator (used on campfires)
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Cast Iron and Stainless for me. I absolutely hate Aluminum pans, I took a bunch of pans when my grandmother died and the few aluminum ones in the bunch went down range for target practice. About all they're good for in my book.
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