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Bitcoin anyone?
Been watching the bitcoin getting accepted more and more. Still a bit dodgy for me.
2015 RTR
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(08-18-2017, 08:15 PM)wagoneer Wrote: Been watching the bitcoin getting accepted more and more. Still a bit dodgy for me.

Let's see, at first our currency "Was" Gold, Silver, or tangible services.
Next, our currency was coined from Gold and Silver. Tangible services still viable.
Then currency became paper, (linen actually) and backed by Gold and Silver.
Now, our currency is still paper, but backed by nothing more than our governments word. Remember the phrase, We're from the government, and we're here to help you?
Now, somebody has come up with a totally electronic currency? Anybody know what backs it? Anybody heard of a hard drive crash?
How about hackers? Maybe a pissed off employee? The list of fears, at least to me are infinite.
Forgive me if I seem a wee bit skeptical too.
Doing the Van thing since the early eighties.
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yeah I like something that I can actually hold in my hand. highdesertranger
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I do have something to hold in my hand but I do wish that I had put a couple grand into Bitcoin in 2010. At that time they were worth $0.003 and some guy made the news by buying two pizzas using 20,000 Bitcoins. Now it's something around $4,150.00 and that guy must be kicking himself in the tail!!! That must be about as close to an infinite return on investment as is possible.

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(08-18-2017, 10:07 PM)highdesertranger Wrote: ...yeah I like something that I can actually hold in my hand...


Archer is hilarious. If you're not familiar with the show, check it out.

As to BitCoin...bah. That ship sailed awhile ago. It was a gamble that paid off huge for people in the beginning, but its my opinion that the powers that be aren't happy when they feel they are being "cut out". I might be wrong, but they will find a way to get their cut and if they can't, they(whose they?!? THEM!!!) will find a way to short circuit it, regulate it, or just ruin it if they can't find a way to exploit it. Just my crappy opinion to try and not be OT...
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Vern (08-23-2017)
I researched Bitcoin back in back in 2009 for my book Grey Redemption. It was very new then and the only things you could buy were illegal things...But for authenticity I converted 100 bucks from my PayPal to Coinbank or some such mining company and got my bitcoins. I had a little USB drive bank unit. Figured out how the exchange worked, time it took, conversion costs. Used it to purchase a few grey items on silk road, knock off bag and some other stuff, just to see how the exchange was handled. Tossed the flash drive in my watch box and finished the book. Forgot about the flash drive.

When I started the sequel, I remembered my little flash drive. I was once again going to use the crypto currency and figured I'd check out what had changed. Boy was I happily surprised at the changes. Wish I had have left the whole 100 bucks on it! LOL!!!

Tons of security and it is used now, because of new laws, more than it was then. All sorts of alternatives are out there too. But you only hear of Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you're interested, here is a link.

I would put forward that taking a grand and putting 5 bucks into all the new ones performing well, would be a better bet than Vegas. My 12.73 bitcoins sure made me a happy camper.

The super rich and those that need to live alternative lifestyles will always need a CC that's got no (in or out) limit. The world banking practices have changed post 911 and many of those types now use this brave new currency. But it is volatile in the extreme. For people that wear 1000 dollar ties, this is not a concern. For us normal people... No one has made a currency that replaces friends, experiences, and real life. So I am all good!
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Is it better to trust some programmer with no known location, or someone such as USA or other country with rule of law? Boxes of gold and silver are difficult to carry.
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Meh, can't even buy a Big Mac with it.

Seems suitable mostly for drug deals and illegal arms transactions.

Living in "Ziggy the Snail Shell" since May 2015
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I bought and sold some bitcoins back before it hit $100... the one thing that scared me off a bit was a crash from 100 to 20 and the fact that new digital coins seemed to be popping up every other week...
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theinfamousj (12-07-2017)
My older son was mining bitcoin at about 2010 told me about it I just replied WHAT?
2015 RTR
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