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Getting a cat on the road...
Not sure this will be helpful, Gardenias, but my 12-yr-old kitty is camping like a trooper. She likes the van (Ford Transit Connect) and only wants to go outside when there are other animals within "smelling" range. I just need to make 2 small adjustments: find a short litter box that will fit under my bed, and find some kitty litter that she won't track EVERYwhere!! lol. I don't remember this being a problem at the stick&brick.

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Gardenias (12-17-2017)
Hi Train Chaser
I have been traveling with my cat now for just a little bit over a month. I had to take very short trips to acclimate her to the RV. I have a 26 foot Southwind and I built her in one of the cabinets a little safe box where she can go in there lay down and kind of hide and have her own space and feel safe hope this helps.
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earthling (01-09-2018), dawnann7 (12-19-2017)
We've taken our Maine Coon with us since the beginning of last year. He's been to California, Oregon, Canada and Michigan in our truck camper. It took some adjusting for him but he tolerates it well. We put a litter box in the bathroom area. He does want to go outside at times so we use a harness and leash and take him out for awhile. I have to make sure he always goes forward because if he goes backwards he can wrangle himself out of the harness. He has gotten loose on his own a couple of times which made for some very anxious moments but he always comes back. We have finally learned how to keep him in as every time we open the door to the camper he wants to scamper out.

I took a dog cage - one about 3 feet long - and with using hooks I can hook it outside the camper window. This gives him a little more room to roam. I got this idea from some other camper forum.

All in all it has been good (as long as you don't mind a stink bomb in the middle of the night!), even with some hair. It sure beats keeping him at home by himself with a neighbor feeding him every day!
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dawnann7 (12-20-2017)
I purchased a cat harness on amazon which claimed to be escape proof. So far this has worked!

Smidge is out walking a couple times every day. She enjoys being outside. She gets scared often, but has not managed to back out of this new harness. Of course, I grab her fast and remove her from the area where something scares her. (Usually it is nothing) I also pick her up and take her in whenever there is a loose dog spotted or a moving vehicle.... both will scare her every time.

I try to keep her in a short distance from the rig...just in case I have to get her inside really fast.

Do a quick search on amazon for "escape proof harness".
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Cammalu (12-27-2017)

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