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EZ Pass Tracking
I realize it is possible. The average citizen breaks dozens of laws daily completely unawares, TPTB can get you anytime they like.

My question was something different entirely.
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I crashed at a rest stop in BC fifty miles from home in a new Challenger no cooler no blankets. It had been a long LONG shift my Uniform had gotten covered in blood so I was in borrowed sweat pants and top. I was falling asleep and no amount of Lemmy, at any volume was keeping me awake. I parked. Four hours later I had the RCMP tapping his flashlight on my window and hitting me with the light. I opened the window and he told me to move along. I said something about working for thirty hours straight and needed some sleep. He proceeded to tell me the time I had been tagged and I had already been afforded the courtesy of 27 minutes of leeway and any further time would get me ticketed.
I looked at him in disbelief 27 minutes? I wasn't quite as zen as I am now and my button had firmly been pushed to the stick level.
"So write the fucking ticket." I said and rolled up the window. Strangely I fell asleep angry and was surprised at being woken up again by the same officer.
"Sir you need to move your vehicle or it will be towed."
"Really, you are going to tow my car with me in it. Did you graduate cop camp today or yesterday."
"Sir, I will be forced to removed you from the vehicle."
"Well, better call your friends before you open my door because you won't get a chance after."
Silence, and I climbed into the back seat to sleep. I woke up to a movie set. Something must have woken me up but I was boxed in by three cop cars. "You in the car step out now."
Really, no coffee and I find myself in a hard stop? This had moved to stupid plus 4. I got out hands visible, no guns were drawn this is Canada. I lifted my sweat top and did the 360 and went to my knees crossed my ankles and got put on my face. Frisked and cuffed and dragged to my feet by Officer 27 minutes. He paraded me past the duty sergeant who recognized me and said. "Hold up"
"This is the guy that said he would shoot you in the face if you opened his door?"
"Scott have you been drinking?"
"Nope did you hear about XXXXXX XXXX?"
"Yeah it is all over the news already."
"Yeah I was sleeping after 22 hours of OT. Officer 27 minutes here kind of got me at a bad time. But I never said I'd shoot him."
He un-cuffed me himself, and sent rookie packing with a look.
"You OK?"
"You got coffee?"

It takes all kinds to make the world. Law Enforcement Officers are expected to be and act better but this is not always the case. You get all kinds. In Canada don't be an asshole like I was and you'll be asked to leave but they do watch.
I told the story at work the next day and heard a ton of never happened to me stories. Just can never be sure. I did get a letter saying sorry from officer 27 minutes and before you chime in about false statements and the like. He got punished more than a judge would have imposed. Sometimes it is best to leave it in-house.
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Vesper (11-28-2017), OutdoorFT (08-28-2017)
Nice story!

Exception that proves the rule 8-)
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(08-24-2017, 11:28 AM)tx2sturgis Wrote: ....records along the toll roads are more or less permanent.  So...if you want to leave less noticeable tracks,
use cold hard cash!

Hear, hear! 
Personally, I am wary/suspicious of  *anything* designated "smart" or "easy".   My privacy is worth a lot to me, so I'd rather pay more in tolls & consider the money well spent.   Always good to think/stay ahead of the curve & leave a scant trail of breadcrumbs.

[Image: cool.gif] Charlotte
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(08-25-2017, 04:30 AM)RoamingKat Wrote: Now, I never allow anyone to automatically take from my account.   Maybe they fixed it, but I won't take the chance.

RK, the hacking you refer to is common & getting worse by the month.  

I've also dealt with "hacked" charges & now, like yourself, try to avoid any possibilities.  When traveling I cherish the feeling of freedom & simplicity.  The less digital my life, the better.  So though perhaps not "convenient" I never bank or shop online.  Speed & convenience, for me, do not lead to a happier existence.

A Luddite at heart, I read actual books, navigate with folding maps, & have never in my adult life been a TV watcher.  And I hope to avoid the interstates, like all good shunpikers! 

[Image: rolleyes.gif]Charlotte
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Vesper (11-28-2017)
(08-28-2017, 12:51 PM)Charlottes Web Wrote: The less digital my life, the better. 

Says the gal playing on the internet...

Tongue Wink
About to be 'vanless' after FOUR years...
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Zil (08-30-2017), gargoyle (08-29-2017)
haha, I had to look up shunpiker. highdesertranger
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Interesting, I assumed that meaning as in shunning turnpikes.

But "piker" turns out to mean an extreme cheapskate as well, so now
I have to investigate the derivation of turnPIKE.
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frater secessus (08-29-2017)
were pike means a type of spear, then a pole, then a gate. Near Cape May there is a curvy old street named Shunpike Road. I have had my Ez-Pass for many years. I have not had one problem.
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(08-28-2017, 12:51 PM)Charlotte\s Web Wrote: I've also dealt with "hacked" charges & now, like yourself, try to avoid any possibilities. 
One thing I know is a smarter way to do deal with online purchases, but I haven't made the effort to do it.... is to get one of those disposable, reloadable gift cards... pay online with that... then just dump it. 
Then no one ever has my actual card info.
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