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EZ Pass Tracking
Do not worry about ezpass tracking. They don't care where you sleep. They only want you to see the tolls you are paying so you don't feel cheated. If you should rob a bank, then they will tell the cops where you are driving. In the rest stop, the patrolling officer will know how long you are there without ezpass info.
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If we're talking about the same ezpass I have, then no, it's a 20 initial deposit. Not monthly. Supposedly they can take it away if you don't use it enough but they haven't pulled mine yet and I might use it once a year.

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Gypsy Jane
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That's so you can tell if you are charged for a tool you didn't go through.

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Gypsy Jane
Camped somewhere, somewhen.
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NJ Ez Pass. They have my deposit, they get $1 a month. I'm linked to a card. They will not take it away.
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It's been a bit of time now.. and I gotta say.. I am SO GLAD I got the EZPASS. The times I go in & out and sleep there are documented, but they don't seem to care. I don't have to worry about having change. They do charge for billing and invoicing, but it's cheap. I have a $25 auto refill, if my balance falls below whatever amount, they take $25. It's worth the time that's saved from forgetting to get cash or enough change, or the lines for tickets or paying.
My second winter is starting. Got my EZ Pass, got my Heater Buddy. Bring it on Big Grin
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Gypsy Jane (11-20-2017)
If you can...keep a close eye on your bank balance

Ezpass once withdrew hundreds of dollars from my a single month. I only knew it when my checks were bouncing!

It took more than a month and two letters to the States Attorney General to finally get a complete and up to date statement from ezpass.

Someone figured out how to hack the transponder. Ezpass billing showed me coming over one of the bridges near NYC at the same time I was going through a toll on the Masspike hundreds of miles away.

I did get all my money back....but still have a massive hassle with all those bounced checks.

Now, I never allow any business, etc to automatically withdraw from my checking
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(08-24-2017, 01:14 PM)Trebor English Wrote: There are roadside radios set up to interrogate transponders that are nowhere near toll roads.  I have only seen non toll interrogators on interstate highways.  I can't guess why they would do that.  

Toll prices with the transponder may be less than cash.  There are two that I often drive by that are $.87 by transponder and $1.00 in cash.  I have a transponder to save money and avoid the cash line when the line is long.  Sometimes I roll it up in my tinfoil hat when I would rather pay cash.  Tracking is not an option.  They have license plate readers at all the toll locations in Florida.  New Jersey may spend their tax money differently.

Did I see Florida?????
Looking for fellow stealthy's in FL..
Was going to head to the RTR however. Van and family concerns won't allow this year however.. I will show up in 2019..with all kinda bells on !!!!
Anyone not doing RTR in FL who might wanna connect over the next few months ..say in Arcadia ...or further south ( I prefer warmth ) ( and yes I'm a WUS )
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Arcadia, Florida...
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Watch your speeding over bridges in FL with those EZ Passes. I never liked the transponders (they could map me 24/7 if they wanted in their helicopters), and was glad to rip mine up when I was leaving FL. FL State Troopers were perched around the St. Pete to Bradenton (??) bridge on both sides every day it seemed, trying to boost bridge revenues.

But yea, a snooze was always in store crossing in either direction within the 'bridge' property fence. The air was refreshing if wasn't too hot and humid: better when the Sun was down but safer when the Sun was up. Twilight in the morning or evening was good for a couple of sleep cycles (up to 3 hours.) Ymmv. Get your money's worth for the bridge fare! It was the safest place to park in that area with FL Disney Land helicopters (100 mi radius around Disney land in Orlando, FL or Anaheim, CA!) buzzing the sky continuously, at night esp. FL cops (not State Patrols) have a reputation Nationwide, so watch out and mind your manners. FL cops really are "Bad Boys, Bad Boys,..."
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> I never liked the transponders (they could map me 24/7 if they wanted in their helicopters)

All of the tolltag (RFID transponders) I know of being used in the states are unpowered/passive. They harvest power from the transmitter's RF and use it to send out a tiny response. They don't have enough TX power to send a signal to a helicopter. If they did it would dork up the gantry reads because multiple gantries would see the tag at once.
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