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What about the ones left behind?
To hell with the guys who expected more than friendship - you don't owe them anything. And if they were truly your friends, they would express excitement for you reaching your goals and that they'll miss you. It's not genuine friendship if there's an ulterior motive of hoping to get something from you (which is really fucked up if they weren't honest about that from the start).

Don't ever feel bad about disappointing people who demonstrate a lack of respect for you as an autonomous being in charge of your own life. Be yourself, be true to yourself, and be upfront about your goals and departure. No one should be afraid to express those things, nor have to strategize how to say good-bye. If there is anyone you want to stay in touch with, let them know, but if you've no plans to be going back or wanting to see them again, that is okay! It's your life and you get to call the shots.
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You are not responsible for other people's happiness.
Someone wanted me to put this here:
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When we leave our 'home terminal' we don't say goodbye. Jamie doesn't have family she keeps in touch with, but I will call my dad or cousin a couple times a week on our travels. We know it's never really goodbye.
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Supertramp, yes!!

In my own life I've wondered why I keep leaving people behind, even family members. The answer is that I keep exploring new things and I keep reflecting on my life and life itself. I rarely come across people that are like this. Most are just living lives of repetition and once I've explored a new acquaintance and see repetition, I get bored and can't help but move on.

My perceptions and perspectives evolved daily and there's only one person in my life that has been able to keep up with me and fortunately that person is my gf. In a few years we will be going full time nomad once her youngest is done with high school.
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