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Water purifiers
i have the regular sized sawyer squeeze and have used it many times with no problems, planning on picking up the mini version next. 
the sawyer squeeze mini version is 20.00 bucks at walmart so it is rather affordable also.
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CapnGimp (12-04-2017)
A filter that can be cleaned will not remove the stuff you want removed from a questionable water source.
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(08-29-2017, 05:39 PM)TrainChaser Wrote: Many people seem to think that acid rain is approximately as strong as battery acid, which simply isn't the case.  The lowest pH of 4.3 is LESS ACIDIC than orange and grapefruit juices, sodas and tomato juice.  ISN'T THAT AWFUL?  I'll bet none of you drink that dangerous stuff!  The western states range from strength of coffee to coffee with some milk in it.  HORRORS!  Why aren't we all DEAD?

Well, no...... Uninformed people who get their information from YouTube may haver thought that (and unfortunatly there are LOTS of those in the US), but people who actually understand "science" never did. The danger from acid rain was never that "it kills people who drink it omigodz!!! Acid rain was a danger because it lowered the normal pH of rainwater. As anyone who has kept houseplants knows (just water your plants with orange juice for a few days and watch what happens) many plants are very sensitive to pH levels in the soil. One of those plant groups were conifers--which is why acid rain was having particular effects on taiga forest. 

PS--The effects of acid rain have now been greatly reduced, mostly because of the very successful effort to control it by reducing industrial emissions. Like the equally-successful resolution of the ozone-hole problem, it was an envrionmental success story, and demonstrates that we can indeed repair the environmental damage we are causing--if we want to.

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I have a versa flow mini I keep in my camping bag just in case.
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I carry a Sawyer straw, and a poor man's Berkey- a Dalton ceramic "candle" in a 3 gal food grade bucket.
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I picked up a Sawyer Mini but haven't played with it yet. I plan to rig a gravity feed.
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I carry a Sawyer filter with me in my canoe/backpacking gear that I could pull out to use if I ever needed it. It's squeeze model that I keep meaning to change out to gravity but it sees little use so it's not at the top of the 'to do' list.

However, in 14 years and again now almost 2 years, I've never had to pull it out while travelling or boondocking. I've come down to the last gallon of water on hand in my water supply but always had juice etc to use if I got stuck.

In AZ/CA etc, I buy my water from the Glacier fill stations. Other places I find either springs or other sources of good drinking water.

It's not a bad idea to have a smaller filter on hand but the best course of action is not to get yourself in to a position where you're having to use it.
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galladanb (09-20-2017)
(08-29-2017, 04:19 PM)highdesertranger Wrote: right now I have 2 of the small pump filters from Katadyn.  but I am looking at a big Berkey gravity filter.  much easier.  highdesertranger

I have the Travel Berkey, and I've used the same 2 black filters for the past 2+ years and it still produces great tasting water. This filter travels with me in the van and doesn't take up a lot of room.

If you have dirty water, you can run the water through a large coffee filter before filling the upper reservoir and that helps keep the black filters from clogging up and extends the time between filter cleaning.

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highdesertranger (09-18-2017)
I've always used Katadyn filters and then iodine tablets. It doesn't taste too great, so it's only tea or coffee for drinking.
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Travel Berkey Smile
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