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Water purifiers
I bought the GO Berkey a few months ago and wonder why I didn't do it years ago. (Maybe because the Britta was right there at Costco and was easy.) My city water tastes like dirt and the Berkey purifier makes it taste pure and fresh. The GO is the smallest Berkey (except the sport bottle) and purifies a quart at a time which easily provides enough water for me to drink, cook with, and make ice cubes with.

Just a note on the squeeze bottles. Maybe I'm not doing it right, but the Berkey sport bottle is very difficult to squeeze – too difficult for my short fingers. I'd hate to have that as my only option in a life or death situation.
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Wow! That Sawyer Mini looks like a fun package!

Seems to be way more fun than whatever we did back in our boy scouting days!!
Thx, Dan'l
Big plans, Mini budget!!!
Check out my build here: Sophia's Hauler
And on Fakebook, look for us at: @Sophias.Hauler
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CapnGimp (12-04-2017)
As someone said on here,  the Sawyer brand filters are very popular with backpackers. I have one but have only played with it to see how it works.  Tested and used by alot of people and you can find them all over including in the  Walmart outdoor section.
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CapnGimp (12-04-2017)
(08-29-2017, 04:05 PM)JimMcBride Wrote: I'm a fan of the Berkey water filter.  There's a smaller size.


I second the Berkey!!! I love mine!! They make a Go Berkey that is the size you want.
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I have used the Sawyer filter at my house to filter all my drinking water for two years now, after learning about it on hiking forums. Wal Mart carries them for twenty bucks, rated for 100,000 gallons. Log 6 tds and log 5 on bacteria. Can't beat that with ANYTHING. It is the same as dialysis machines for kidney failure. 20 bucks. Keep one on hand just in case!
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For vandwelling, go with Sawyer Squeeze for 30 bucks, not the Sawyer Mini for 20 bucks since it is much slower flow rate. Even some backpackers have moved away from the Mini slow flow rate.
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