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Official DATES for RTR 2018: Rules and Maps
Bertha and the bLEEps will be there! I am taking a job with taxes to be there, so you know this is serious business hahaha! So Molly has to be on a leash at all times? Or just in the main camp area? She loves to run and I hope there are a few other vagabond doggies to join us for a romp in the sand. Bob, I am so excited to meet you, Mrs. bLEEp also. Are we allowed to bend our wares? Anyhow we are all three VERY excited! GotSmart buddy, I hope to see you there, you must see the improvements to Bertha!
Lots of love from the bLEEps....
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Bleep - dogs need to be leashed and under an adults control at all times when outside their vehicle.

The dog population has exploded in line with the human population and not all dogs listen to the rules of play nice and if you can't say something nice, say nothing at all. They are, after all, dogs... Big Grin 

It's also important but difficult for dog owners, to understand that not all people even like dogs...I know, who doesn't like your adorable pooch!! Some are even afraid of dogs and some are terribly allergic. They all deserve to be able to carry on without fear and/or health issues.

I walk my 'niece dog' off the RTR area, up the road a few hundred yards and then let her loose for play/run time. Even then I have to corral  her if there are too many other dogs out getting their own walks in.
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Almost There quote: "... Some are even afraid of dogs and some are terribly allergic. ..." end quote.

This is me, and wouldn't you know it that every dog that sees me comes up to me for pets. I can't touch the dogs unless I want to stop breathing. lol It's hypo-allergenic dogs for me - hair not fur.
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The other problem with dogs off leash is other dogs. I have an aggressive doxiepoo and when a friendly dog comes over to us ( with mine on a leash) my dog goes into attack mode. Then I have my angry dog going nuts on his leash and someone else's dog off leash fighting with my dog. It is just bullshit in my opinion. I have control of my dog and for us to enjoy our day I NEED you to have control of yours.

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please let's not get all emotional over dogs. last year before RTR there was a dog/cat thread and it degraded into one of the nastiest threads ever. please everyone be civil. highdesertranger
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Heh. I have noticed that there is a big divide between the leash people and the off-leash people. The online fights about it in the town where I live are HUGE. I see the fights as a good sign though. It means we don't have anything more important to argue about.

I think we can just say that the decision has been made. This gathering is leash only. Seems like the kind of thing that even rule breakers like myself can handle for a few days. I am not likely to get the time off from work since one of our busiest times is January but if I do come, even though philosophically, I prefer dogs off leash, I will keep my dog leashed up or I might just leave her at home. Either way, I am sure it will work out. Smile
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I must say one is only a "newbie" for a few moments.
The trick is just to say hello to the first dozen people you see.  It's really that simple.
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A social gathering for introverts sounds like just my kind of oxymoron. Not sure why, but I want to do this.
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(09-05-2017, 08:52 AM)bLEEp Wrote:  and I hope there are a few other vagabond doggies to join us for a romp in the sand.  

I think we could work out a play-date between my Lacy and your Molly.  On the other side of the "main road" there's plenty of space to walk and such.  I was probably more lax last year than I should have been.  Leashed at the main area, and I left them off where I was camping.  I'll do better this year.  

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bLEEp (09-07-2017)
... I'm sure Bob never envisioned his "little" GTGs to explode as they have and since its held on BLM space, rules need to be in place.
    I've been a rubber tramp for 30 years - met Bob years ago in the Sierras when he still had Homer , both of us prefer open spaces, 
    being alone and letting our dogs run free - so I can only imagine what a chore it is for him to take responsibility for a large group.
    I only hope everyone respects his wishes , if not it may be just the excuse he needs to extract himself from this situation .
        ... good luck Bob , hope to meet again on the road somewhere ...

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