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Woman's Forum: Walmart incident
Damn, Cammalu, that sucks!! Glad you are unscathed.
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Just awful. Glad you both made it out ok.
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I haven't had any trouble for many years Queen except for a rude boob man in the produce dept a few years back. He was pretty harmless but should have kept his big mouth shut. I already knew I had boobs he needn't tell me about it.

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A woman I know had an experience something like that (but not so intensive), and she took HIS picture. She had her phone in her pocket, and when he finally turned away, she pointed and aimed it, and said, "Excuse me!" and he turned back and she got the photo. I don't know if this would be a good thing to do, but it's something to consider. Play it by ear. And it might make a difference if other people are nearby.
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(09-07-2017, 03:16 PM)CautionToTheWind Wrote: That's creepy!

"my husband and I are not from this area" -- make up a coupled story is the first defensive strategy.

Someone that is very direct with questions has to be met with a push back. "My husband and I aren't from around here." Creeps like that prey on the honest and vulnerable. Don't be honest.

Knowing me in that situation and as bold as I can be (this woman doesn't take kindly to intruders of any creepy kind), I'd probably snap photo his license plate; that itself he would know he's been caught and reported.

"My husband is in Walmart getting ammo for the AR-15 but as soon as he gets back I'm sure he will help you with directions." ....
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(09-07-2017, 06:58 PM)Cammalu Wrote: Sure.  It was in Columbia, MO.  

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Wow I'm in St. Louis and heading right through Columbia. Thanks soooo much for the heads up!!!
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Hey Cammalu, (I know you're on the road right now)

That's a very creepy experience! As for cops? I think these serious encounters call for serious action by ourselves as mentioned by
the posts above.

Get angry, real angry and build up that adrenaline for self defense even if just in appearance or attitude.

ONce long ago...

I got in a fight with my ex and took off walking at night , alone, dead of winter, bitter cold ..down residential streets. thankfully the street lights were on.
No one in their right mind would be out walking at that time, heh..

Sure enough I noticed a man following me. He'd keep back a bit, then follow me more. I was so HOT with anger from the ex' that I already
had a ton of 'fight' in me.

I stopped, turned back quickly to face him with my fists up, stared him down and growwled'' at him to "BACK OFF!!"

It worked! He got all like 'whoa whoa..." holding his hands up like ..'no don't hurt me' LOL then walked the opposite way.

Attitude is essential and carrying a small hunting knife is a plus!
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A bow saw is very good. Good luck someone trying to grab one of those out of my hand.

If it weren't for our inner bodyguards, we ladies would be in trouble. I nevery worry about being rude.
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WalkaboutTed: "I nevery worry about being rude."

Dammed right! The 'training' that girls get as children, drives me crazy. Don't be rude, don't be offensive, don't lose your temper, don't fight back. Let people annoy you, let people hurt you, don't be defensive, don't be obnoxious.

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(09-28-2017, 10:07 AM)WalkaboutTed Wrote: A bow saw is very good.

That's a good idea about the bow saw!
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