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Woman's Forum: Walmart incident
I think it is HIGHLY IMPORTANT we make a note of the EXACT LOCATION where things like this occur (AS LONG AS WE COMMIT TO INTEGRITY). Arm each other with information (USEFUL HONEST INFORMATION)!!!
Most CREEPS are repeat offenders and have "TERRITORY" they terrorize.
The fear of this happening to others should outweigh embarrassment.
Just think if you post this information other people can pin point this person & eventually eliminate them so we no longer have to go out of our way altering our plans trying to avoid a creep or their territory.

As long as we are honest and use your personal platform with integrity you have nothing to be embarrassed about.
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I'm glad you're okay! That sounds awful.

I just want to chime in on self defense with wasp spray, that I work in horticulture and have been sprayed in the face with it. It does not immediately incapacitate a person except perhaps if they have a pre-existing medical condition (such as asthma).

Breathing it in you will not go down immediately. Chances of your attacker inhaling enough to slow them as it disperses into the air is low.

If it gets in your eyes it doesn't do enough except to piss you off and irritate your eyes. If you know what it is and the side effects, like me, you go to an eyewash station and love your eyes. If you're an attacker and you don't notice the can label or don't know the ingredients then what you do know is you've just been sprayed in the face with an unpleasant floral smelling liquid.

The truly long distance varieties are the foaming ones with tiny wands, which don't stay in reliably if you're not immobile and take time to attach (cheap tiny wand; tiny hole don't align well). Plus you have to dig out that tiny wand from your bag.

And if you swallow some of it but just think it is a disgusting fragrance then you might not go to the ER. That would be the situation the attacker is in. I am not sure how much is needed for the ER to be necessary. I just washed out my mouth... a lot. Being sprayed in the face didn't have me swallow much if any.

This stuff is poison and while it is most harmful to insects and fish it is still poison. Poison that is not that effective in the moment at halting an attack.

If it's all you have because you happen to be in the garden shed or just picked it up to kill some pesky wasps when an attacker appears, then by all means use what is available! But I don't think it should be part of a defense plan anymore than I would think Windex or dish soap should be.

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