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Things to do on road
(09-16-2017, 09:17 AM)Every Road Leads Home Wrote: I'm with you wagoneer,  though i've used them on occasion,  I've never enjoyed nor have I been able to get comfortable in one, the thought of sleeping in a bed thousands of others have slept on doesn't do it for me.

One of my favorite activities on the road is to pull off at a scenic overlook or other similar type place and cook a meal on the go,  gives your body an hour or so out of the vehicle and you're much more relaxed when hopping back in the captains chair to head back down the road.
"Ask a local where to eat"

When you eat in a local restaurant, look at the grungiest person in the dining room.  It is possible that the dirty looking person ate with the same fork that you have in your mouth.  Have you ever thought about that?

FYI, Your Kitchen Is Probably Dirtier than a Toilet Seat
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(09-16-2017, 09:36 AM)Wabbit Wrote: Sometimes I like to just sit and watch people. I try and not be creepy about it. I enjoy wondering where that guy is going or what those teens are getting into or whatever my imagination serves up.

lmao @ the creepy part.

yeah I like to park in a dark spot with my rear windows blocked out and watch people from my front seat.
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Watching downloaded classic movies with the kids on the 48" screen.
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I like your ideas Exclamation 
Its very relaxing and not hard at all to learn a language. I look in thrift stores and on line for Pimsleur Language CDs. Or they have an app to download language lessons. There are other language courses too. But this is my favorite 30minutes a day in the car while driving (or just sitting). I got a great deal on Spanish just now, I have also learned Italian, French, German - (I already speak Swahili from living for a time in Africa) and Irish of course. (I'm Irish).
For music I am learning the Tin Whistle though the dog is not very impressed with it. lol.
There is a Chiropractor called Dr. Alan Mandell - he has excellent stretching exercises on YouTube for drivers, or people with back and neck issues - that you can do in your car. He is AWESOME.

Happy Trails.

(09-24-2017, 01:44 AM)RoadtripsAndCampfires Wrote: I hope to bring metal detector, gold panning pans, easel and oils, Kindle.  Have small bag of cards, dice, slingshots.  Have cameras.  Collecting DVDs for boondocking movies.  Started website so I will have a place to store photos taken with pre-mentioned cameras.  Plan to get some stretch bands for exercise that needs to start now, not when I'm out in the woods.  Cooking is a hobby of ours we are bringing an outdoor propane oven and stove.  And cots for naping under the trees and staring at the night sky.
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I bring along a small quad and small street legal motorcycle on a trailer. Many of my days are spent exploring remote areas on the quad but the little motorcycle allows me to wander around on roads, get supplies, etc..
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Learn more about the natural world in the area your in. Identify birds, flowers and plants, trees, animals and their tracks. Learn about the geology of the area, stargaze, there are lots of great astronomy apps available on tablets.

Or learn about the history of the area. Ghost towns, old silver mining towns, Lewis and Clark sites, Daniel Boone and the Cumberland Gap.

There's going to be so much to do on the road I couldn't get bored in a hundred years.
“Who has not felt the urge to throw a loaf of bread and a pound of tea in an old sack and jump over the back fence." -John Muir
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I like to dig holes. of course I fill them back in. with digging the holes goes geology, history, research(lots of research), exploring, hiking, a good workout, engineering, sometimes I dig holes underwater which brings a whole bunch more things to do. see something as simple as digging holes can keep you very busy. highdesertranger
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Van Man Dave (12-03-2017)
My hobby, passion and a little side income is 3D Printing. Although I don't even own a van yet (2018 Promaster on it's way) and don't plan on living in it, I do want to do weekend trips and some other types of traveling. Haven't quite figured out how to incorporate a 3D printer into my design yet but working on it.
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