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portable shower stalls
First I purchased a Walmart brand, Ozark trails, which is fine, except it's a PITA to erect is heavy and takes up storage space. Now I'm considering one of the "pop up" types. I know wind can be an issue with these, but for ease of use might be an improvement, also lighter and easier to store....Anyone have experience with these? Thanks in advance!
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They pop up quickly, but putting them back in the folded position takes a bit of practice.

You really DO need to stake them down, even if the wind is not blowing. I saw one blow 100 feet downwind in a just a few seconds when a fellow camper left his pop-up privy tent unattended for an hour or so on a completely windless morning...breezes can come out of nowhere.

Can you imagine having this happen when you were inside attending to some 'bidness'?

About to be 'vanless' after FOUR years...
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Duke (09-25-2017)
I use one, I found the cheaper ones were well, cheap. they didn't last long. I like this one it's much better made and a lot easier to set up and take down,

yes they all must be anchored. highdesertranger
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Genie (11-07-2017)
I have one of the pop up styles! I love it...goes up iin 15 seconds plus time for 4 stakes. I can put it away in the same time. I learned to do this after watching a YouTube video a couple of times.

The other dweller who sold it to me had trouble putting it away and fondly called me multiple bad names when she watched me do it effortlessly.... Big Grin Big Grin Tongue

It doesn't take up nearly as much room as the 'needs some assembly' type privacy's maybe 20" in diameter and less than 2" thick, weighs next to nothing.

The only problem I see with it is that it's relatively small. I could sleep cornerwise in her new shower tent but it takes her 15 to 20 minutes to assemble it. I'm 5' tall and have just enough room to shampoo my hair in mine so it's great for me, not so great for someone taller.

Oh and in a strong wind it does tend to blow sideways at the top so I've been known to tie the upwind side to anything in the neighborhood. There's even a little fabric loop on all 4 corners so maybe the designer knew it would be needed.
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we are on our second pop up...first one finally gave way when the winds of Flagstaff took her down. Around $20 on eBay. Easy up and, as prior user said, easy to put back once you get the hang of it. If space and weight are a consideration, go with the cheapie and replace every couple of years.
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Carry two of the cheapies with you, and you're covered! (Literally and figuratively)
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I used one for a while, it worked well. It will rip up eventually, but for occasional use it's fine.

For stakes I bought some 12 inch roofing nails from a hardware store plus washers big enough to fit. They're heavy but will not bend and are easy to put in/take out with a cheap claw hammer. They're also good for putting down tarps or mats next to your door.
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KathyC (09-26-2017), Cammalu (09-14-2017)
I hated the pop up one. Getting it back in the bag was the worse. I have the ozark trail one from Walmart and found it to hold up so much better to wind. I also found it easier to take back down. I hated the pop up one.

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if you have a way to secure the bag high enough you have a way to mitigate wind by tying the top off along with 4 ground steaks. once up it's not too bad.
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**Dumb Question Alert**

I'm curious about these shower tents. It's obvious that they would come in quite handy in more remote situations - but what about in campgrounds and other places where there are other people in close proximity all around you? Do you actually get fully naked and shower in them (and where do you hang your clothes while doing so?) or do you wear some sort of bathing suit type garment and just rinse off?

Not a camper, so don't know how campers do stuff like this if surrounded by other campers, and just wondering if there are situations where these things would not be recommended.

/Dumb Questions
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