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Dating site
Hi, I'm Patti, I did already post in newcomers and then learned of the dating site, which I think is very cool that it's being offered. I stated in newcomers that I want to hit the road soon, but it would be so much more fun with a partner. Sooo...why not find someone who is working towards that goal or already a nomad!!! I am 50ish but very active. I believe in healthy living (so eating healthy on the road would be important to me) I don't take any medications, I like to walk/run and I'm a hard worker. I have always worked alongside my (previous) partner whether it was taking out the garbage, hauling wood, or painting the house. I'm currently working full time but I could work things out so that I could cut that short. I would like to meet a man who has a strong presence but is kind, a good communicator. (that doesn't mean you have to talk all the time) and who is willing to compromise and share some of the same interest.
So lets can (PM) me. Have a good day!!!!  Patti Tongue
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