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What's your favourite dog fur remover?
I have tried SO many products. The only thing that has come close to effective is that roller with the sticky tape that peels off. The sticky roller that you rinse after was useless, as were the rubber brushes, red velvet-like lint brush, etc. Even with the sticky brush there's stubborn fur left over. In the end, petting my seats with my hand does the trick best, though they get rather dirty from it. I just want clean seats! Haha.

What works for you guys?
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What's my favorite dog fur remover? My wife! I have heard that if you wear a wet rubber glove, wipe,rinse in bucket of water, then repeat. I,m going to try it sometime.
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The best product item I used for furniture was one similar to this except without a handle (Magic Lint Brush Pet Hair Remover Clothing with Swivel)

Worked perfectly for me. Swip only one direction removing hair -- use hands to remove the opposite direction.
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I have also heard of the rubber dishwashing gloves and a kitchen sponge but have not tried as yet. I will test tomorrow since I have to clean my car anyway to sell!  I will report back!
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Free_to_be_me (09-24-2017)
Anyone using a hand vac??
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^ I use a BLACK + DECKER CHV1410L 16V Cordless Lithium Hand Vac on the floor but it doesn't do worth a darn on furniture or vehicle seat.
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A razor.  I shave my dog everyday. 

Big Grin Tongue


After 45 years of owning dogs, I've learned to ignore it.  It is true, you do not want to visit me.  Unless you like dog fur.
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mayble (09-27-2017)
The best item I ever used was a sponge I picked up at a pet store. That thing was priceless because of how great it worked. Alas, with a move, it got misplaced.
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gsfish (11-27-2017)
A dampened hand...wipes up even stubborn cat hair!
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