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Solar Electric VW Bus
While not on the road when I saw it, I did see this VW bus converted to electric (over 100 miles per charge) with enough solar panels to fully recharge it 3 days.  It's a camper that sleeps the couple and their two kids.  I also talked to the converter/owner, and saw their solar lawnmower, and solar scooter.  (20 mile range, recharges in a few hours.)
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Wabbit (09-26-2017)
There's a guy down near LA that has converted an older VW bus... he's got a youtube channel with a lot of fun stuff going on.
The road trip video was good ! He a l m o s t made it ! lol
I am a pathological liar and functional illiterate...  :-)
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I saw the video a while back. Once again a fine example of someone doing what works for them and having fun.
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Not very practical for most people. Three days charging for two hours driving? Inconvienient at the least, dangerous at worst. I visit friends 200 miles away several times a year, this rig would require nine days to make the round trip and an additional three to recharge once I got home!! A few years back I could have done it in four days on my bicycle! HA!

"We're all bozos on the bus, so might as well sit back and enjoy the ride."

Wavy Gravy

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