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Walmart Parking lot.
The main purpose IMO in earlier-developed countries should be the welfare of all its citizens, fairly balancing the interests of the wealthy (property owners) with the vast majority that own very little or nothing.

The actual de facto purpose in the US (and to a much lesser degree in the rest of the developed world), is to maximize the welfare of the very wealthy, especially the financial sector, real estate and the biggest international corporations.
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Why is this about politics?
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Njaco (03-06-2018)
(10-11-2017, 08:17 AM)Weight Wrote: Why is this about politics?

TDS: Thread Drift Syndrome
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More philosophy, certainly not "party" politics.

Addressing the issue raised here in #30
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yeah stop the politics. or I will start deleting. the topic is staying at Walmart not the roll of government. highdesertranger
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(10-11-2017, 09:34 AM)highdesertranger Wrote: yeah stop the politics.  or I will start deleting.  the topic is staying at Walmart not the roll of government.  highdesertranger

It's my fault,  HDR, me and my Walmart parking lot fixation.   

I know you're going to ban me someday! 

Big Grin Tongue Cool
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highdesertranger (10-11-2017)
In York PA, the Walmart there is in a mall type setting so they don't own the parking lot. They have roaming security to insure there is no overnight parking as well. They will allow "rigs" to park there long enough to shop but eagle eye you and the time you are there. Other Walmarts have "rig" parking on site. Vandalia Illinois and Lemar Missouri both come to mind. I used to park a lot at the Walmart in Owensboro Kentucky but I'd only bobtail there. I was based out of that city but hated parking at the yard (dirt, mud, dust, noise etc) so once I dropped the trailer I hot footed over to my favorite far corner. All of them have no overnight parking signs but I'm of the opinion that it is for insurance purposes so if somehow you end up in a situation and attempt to hold them responsible they can just point to the signs. Again, it is just my opinion...
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Mo, you could be right about insurance,  but I've been told it's city ordinance.  
Seemed logical when I parked at a store outside the city limits. With no hassle. 

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When I drove truck and couldn't make my planned overnight stop I would just get at the very back of the Walmart trucks unloading area and sleep until they called for me to unload. I'd just hold up some paper work and say "Sorry I got the wrong store." Was usually good for at least 4 to 6 hours sleep.
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