ATTN: Admin - Things I do not like
Things I don't like:

- Rude entitled people
- Bumper to bumper traffic
- People who are unkind
- Snow
- Marshmallows (just disgusting)
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Marshmallow. These grow all over my home land of South Jersey. I could not find a photo online that represented their beauty.
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..this thread is still up?...LOL..

Things I Don't Like!

* Over- ripened bananas ~ GROSS!
* The inescapable odor of Buck scent upon waking with a hangover ~ GAG!
* Chick flicks or 'Lifetime' movies ~ GAWD!
* Trolls ~ GET OUT!
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Thing I do not like...

1) Politics
2) Religion
3) Chicks that make me work for it.
4) Animals that bite me.
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Things I do not like:

1) rent payments.

2) car payments.

3) insurance payments.

4) did I mention rent payments?

About to be 'vanless' after FOUR years...
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(09-26-2017, 08:25 AM)JustACarSoFar Wrote: Things I Don't Like!

* The inescapable odor of Buck scent upon waking with a hangover  ~ GAG!

I bet there is a story behind this one....

About to be 'vanless' after FOUR years...
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sadarahu haven't we gone over this before. yes we have, get over it. you can post pics and you can post links. the time to edit is not going to change. highdesertranger
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I dislike people here who post TOO MUCH and consider themselves experts at everything.
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(09-26-2017, 09:30 AM)speedhighway46 Wrote: ...and consider themselves experts at everything.

I've worked with a few of those over the years. Most grew out of it after real life knocked them off their lofty perches a few times. The most recent never grew out of it. He was a man in his early sixties and was my Stage Crew partner for two seasons at work. The man was an "expert" on any subject that came up in conversation and would not shut up. He talked more than anyone else I've met in my life. I got the impression that he felt he had to be an expert in order to be accepted. He came into the job with a resume that looked good even if his theatre experience was from twenty years earlier. He talked a good game, was confident in his own abilities and looked good on paper, but when it came down to doing the job, he was a complete incompetent. He screwed up far more often than he got things right, and all he was doing was moving scenery. I handled the more technical aspects of the job. The problem though, was that because he kept screwing up, I had to watch him so closely to compensate for his next mistake that I couldn't pay proper attention to my own job and started screwing up myself. I finally had to point blank, ask my boss not to hire him back on the next season.

Believe it or not, I actually liked the guy. If he had been able to do the damn job, I could have easily overlooked his know it all attitude and social ineptitude.
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