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On the road horror stories!
Hi guys, I'm hitting the road in March, and I'd like to hear some of your worst experiences, from breakins, violence, robbery, scary stuff at night, etc, and how you dealt with the situation. We are very vulnerable in out little shells. Here in europe we have a big problem with break-ins at night, even with people sleeping in the vans. Especially in Spain and France.
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Nah, things are peachy ! Nearly perfect.
Rainbows and unicorns all over the place !

I may drive over to the hills and pick up Forrest Fenn's treasure next !
I am a pathological liar and functional illiterate...  :-)
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I've never personally never had a problem and rarely hear of anything bad happening (only Slab City), I have mainly heard of generators being stolen, and tweakers stealing solar panels in the cities. Actual boondocking or camping, it is almost unheard of.
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Been all over US and Canada. Never had a problem.
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I've been up and down the East Coast for years (from Bangor, Maine to Miami) in my car so many times I was intimate with each and every pothole

Never had an issue. Even the weeks when I was sleeping in my car in the same spot every problems.
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20+ years in RV or van, female, solo, only issues I had were twice my unoccupied van was broken into in Baltimore and a Coleman lantern was swiped from my campsite - just outside Baltimore. That was in my first year and knock on wood I've had no issues of that nature since. Scariest thing out here for me is bad mechanics.

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Once had a guy approach our camp about 11pm at night saying he needed a flashlight because of an emergency. We were in the tent going to sleep so I went out with a flashlight. Long story short, he was making some meth in a milk container(I didn't realize this at first, although I did see him stirring something furiously in the cut up milk jug) and had lost\forgot where he put a backpack. Could a been dangerous I guess, but everything turned out alright(for us, prob not him).

Other than that, no real dangerous people that I know of.

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It always amuses me when newbies are scared shitless by "serial killers!!!" and "robbers!!!". It reminds me of newbie backpackers, who always pee their pants over "bears!!!" and "snakes!!!"

Living in a van is no more dangerous or unsafe than living in an apartment or motel room. The vast majority of people in the US go their entire lives without once ever needing to "defend themselves" from any sort of attack. Statistically, THE single most dangerous part of living in vehicle is---driving it. You are far more likely to be killed by a simple traffic accident than you are from a serial killer or robber.

In 2.5 years of dwelling, the only incident I've had was when a couple of dumbass teens bought a BB gun in a Walmart and decided to test it out in the parking lot using my van. They got the shock of their life when I poked my head out the door.

If you are wondering what to carry in your van to "protect yourself", I recommend two pistols, a shotgun, an AR-15, a machete, a baseball bat, and a roll of barbed wire. And as a last resort, a W-80 warhead with a 200KT yield--it's the only way to be sure.

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Lenny: Got all the items except couldn't find the W-80 so I replaced it with a B2-B Stealth Bomber; is this okay?
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Was hammock camping 2 summers ago in Yellowstone. Sometime after midnight a rain storm rolled through. Temps dropped to the 40's and we about froze to death. While the storm was going on we heard what we think was a bear wander by us. He didn't eat us so I figure that's good. Rode our motorcycles over 6000 miles on that trip and never had any issues with serial killers, psychos (except ourselves), etc. Met lots of nice people across the country though.
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