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On the road horror stories!
(09-27-2017, 07:23 AM)speedhighway46 Wrote: Lenny: Got all the items except couldn't find the W-80 so I replaced it with a B2-B Stealth Bomber; is this okay?

We all have to make compromises from time to time.
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Every time these questions are asked I think over all of our years of fulltiming and can't come up with any bad incidents so I'd like to tell you not to worry about it but if you're aware of problems in the countries where you'll be traveling you'll have to take some precautions. Maybe better locks on your doors and windows? Scare lights? An airhorn?
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Queen (09-27-2017)
I'm not particularly worried about it at all, I just want to hear some good scary and hairy stories.
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Well then, sorry none of us have any good ones! :-D
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I had my expensive Honda knock off generator stolen last winter. It was just outside my TT door and the thieves came into my camp and grabbed it in the dark. I was boondocking in Anza Borrego for the super bloom. The park ranger told me that all the publicity for the super bloom seemed to be attracting thieves from the big city. It caused me to have a medical emergency as that generator was the only way I had to run my nebulizer, and sometimes I can't breathe without it. So I returned to society and used shore power until I saved up enough money for a 12 volt nebulizer.

At the 2016 RTR I had some crazy gal and her methed out naked boyfriend with a machete knock on my TT door around midnight. From that I learned to not open my door. Someone else called the authorities and they were taken away.

Apparently I have all the fun!!

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timoat (09-28-2017)
Ok one scary story.  Was camping above Estes Park in CO with family including 3 young kids about 30 years ago,  About midnight hear a vehicle continually revving there engine.  Then footsteps and someone yelling, hey in the tent, we need to talk to you.  This continued for a few minutes and I decided I would be better out with them than in my tent with family.  There were 3 of them and obviously intoxicated.  It seems they went out to get more booze and when returning missed their campsite and tried to turn around in the road and got stuck.  The engine revving was one of them getting in the vehicle and the other 2 throwing a sleeping back under the tire that was spinning.  I asked which one was the most sober and had him get behind the wheel and put the vehicle in drive and keep his foot off the gas.  I then grabbed the bumper and lifter and pushed and the car just inched back on the road.  I watched them go to their spot and park the vehicle.  Once I was sure they were not coming in the tent the only thing scary was drunks behind the wheel.  40 years of camping and no other incident other than someone out of water.

I did have a moose chase me round and round my truck on the Kasiloff River when my son and I startled her walking back to the truck around 2 am when it was dusk.  Darn I found out my son was faster than I was.  That was interesting.

It is a lot safer out there and as mentioned taking prudent cautions and knowing where you are and what is around you is a good idea.
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timoat (09-28-2017), Gypsy Jane (09-27-2017)
(09-27-2017, 07:23 AM)speedhighway46 Wrote: Lenny: Got all the items except couldn't find the W-80 so I replaced it with a B2-B Stealth Bomber; is this okay?

I suppose it'll do in a pinch.


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... adorable, fluffy, ferrel baby kittens can shred your had. ask me how I know Wink
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Had a dude stalk me in Portland, Maine.
[Image: W2lacLw.jpg]
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(09-27-2017, 03:49 PM)TMG51 Wrote: Had a dude stalk me in Portland, Maine.

More deets! This is just a teaser!!!
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