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On the road horror stories!
Lisa, I wonder if one of those high-decibel alarms would have scared him out?

But I still don't understand how he got inside. He didn't squeeze through a one-inch gap where the weather stripping used to be.
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Most all my adventures have been solo & south of the border. And considering the decades of travel & thousands of miles, it's a wonder I have not had more horror stories than I do. I have experienced a memorable few--like this one, which happened just a few years ago in Mexico.

With only a map sketched on the back of napkin, I headed upland from the coast of Guerrero in search of a tiny village off a donkey trail where I hoped to find a certain notable rug weaver.

After an hours' drive thru hot desert landscape, with nary a stray donkey or bicycle riding vaquero, I came to a fork in the road with a crudely hand painted detour sign. I turned into the detour, barely more than a well worn donkey path. The track twisted thru cactus & rocky sided dry washes, finally making a hairpin turn into a narrow gorge bounded by big boulders.

Big boulders were stacked three feet high across the track. Five bare chested, rough looking campesinos with machetes hanging from their waists rushed to greet me. One threw himself across my front windshield, as if to block my view as others checked the passenger, sliding door, & rear hatch--which were locked. The drivers' door was locked, but my window was down. In an instant, I was grabbed by the hair & my head yanked back. Was he going to slit my throat? No. His other hand searched frantically for a way to unlock the door.

Beside the drivers' seat, in a small notion tray--small sharp scissors. I grabbed the scissors & stabbed him in the the forearm. He screamed in pain & surprise & let go of me. There was no room to turn around easily & little time, so I did the only thing I could. I gunned it & smashed thru the pile of boulders, knowing full well I might lose my oil pan or puncture the gas tank. It was my only option.

I got away, leaving them in the dust. A couple miles up the track I pulled over to catch my breath & inspect the damage. Just like a cartoon figure, my knees were knocking together so hard I could barely walk. My front grill was smashed, along with both headlamps. But no fluids were leaking beneath the van. (What happened next, is another tale in itself, perhaps for another time.)

!Que le vaya bien!
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timoat (09-30-2017), gsfish (09-29-2017), JustACarSoFar (09-29-2017)
Wow, Char ! You are cool headed in a crisis !
You lead the way ! lol

I would have emptied the magazine and probably still be down in guerero on vacation to this day !

Yes, I'd like to hear the rest of your tale ! You are a great writer !
I am a pathological liar and functional illiterate...  :-)
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(09-27-2017, 05:45 AM)Gypsy Jane Wrote: ...Scariest thing out here for me is bad mechanics.

[Image: sad.gif] Most  *consistently*  bad thing for me, too.
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Gypsy Jane (09-29-2017)
(09-29-2017, 07:30 AM)lenny flank Wrote: In Florida they are known as "poor man's pork".

Or "possum on the half shell"

When I was a little kid I was scared when something was outside my window at night. My dad took me and his flashlight to show me it was just a armadillo messing around in the leaves looking for something to eat. They ARE loud for their size!

"We're all bozos on the bus, so might as well sit back and enjoy the ride."

Wavy Gravy

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lenny flank (09-30-2017)
Christ Charlotte, now that's a hairy tale, glad you prevailed! That could have ended so much worse.

Did any of you see the film nocturnal animals by tom ford, with Jake gylenhall? Pure terror.
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I only had two situations here in Canada and it was my own stupidity. 
 I parked in a strip mall area that no one else was parked at.  There was a 24 hour drug store there but still it was not a place I should have been.
I woke up to my motorhome being seriously shaken at 3 am and I looked out and there were several dudes on both sides.  I told them to screw off or I would use my bear spray on them.  They took off.  They were just scoping my rig out to see if they could steal it.  They didn't want middle aged me or my old cat .. LOL ..
They broke my door jam.

I parked at a Flying J but arid at the end of the lot next to an open field instead of the inside area near people.  I had my blind up next to me ... I felt someone staring at me while i was sleeping and when I opened my eyes a woman was standing right at my window .. scared the hell out of me .. LOL ... thankfully my corner  bedroom is up high at the back.  She wanted money .. told her to go away and I moved my rig.

Lesson learned 
Park near people and action and close your blinds 

I have been all over central and western Canada and to Minneapolis.  I've stayed at Walmarts / flying J / Cabellas / tons of truck stops etc as I like to stay free when in transit.
I've had no itger issues.  I feel very safe when I am in my RV .. sleep like a baby!
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mert6706 (11-14-2017)
Big truck story, not a camping story. I was hauling 45k pounds of Pop Tarts out of the Kelloggs facility in Pikeville Ky. Soon as I got to the 4 lane and out of the back roads my trailer had two tires blow out. I was stuck on top of a mountain and the company left me there for a day trying to figure out where I was after sending in my location time and time again. When it got dark I knew I was in trouble. I was carrying pop tarts, broke down and them hungry hillbillies can smell fear. I swear I heard banjos.
If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots instead of feet. My little place on the interweb - Cyberian Radio 

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frater secessus (11-26-2017), mert6706 (11-14-2017), mudbunny (11-13-2017)
A while back my father-in-law & brother-in-law were making there way through the Northwest Territories with truck & tent camper with a canoe on top, cooking what they caught as they lazily sought the Alaskan border. Camper set up & dinner done, they were tucked in for the night with pops at one end of the pop up, the boy in the dinette/bed, while their supplies were at the other end... the end that the bear ripped open. Now pops was stationed in Alaska, as well as France & Germany during WWII, so was familiar with bear enough I suppose. While the bear's head was waving around inside the camper, smelling & snorting & growling at pops wacking him, the boy slowly wakes up rubbing both his eyes and mumbles, "What's going on?". Now he sees pops right next to him yelling loudly and swinging a wisk broom for the bleachers, so he looks toward the end of the camper and sees this huge bear head, all teeth and about to take his socks off, and almost busts his own nose tucking his legs up & away from it.
Cheers, Rick
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mert6706 (11-14-2017)
(09-30-2017, 06:21 AM)timoat Wrote: Christ Charlotte,

Charlotte is not Christ.  And His Name should not be taken in vain!
Nissi     Smile

Nissan NV2500 High Top
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