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Do you LOVE coffee?
(12-23-2017, 07:46 AM)Van Man Dave Wrote: repeat because it is necessary.

There, fixed it for ya...
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Van Man Dave (12-25-2017)
Well heck, coffee is just one of those pleasures that make life more meaningful (for me at least).  So I have a pretty good sized percolator that I use and fresh ground beans and make a pot every morning and sometimes two pots depending on guests.  Coffee is always better when shared.  
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GypsySpirit (01-02-2018)
The method we have used for the last two plus years on the road is still the best one I've come up with. The cleanup is effortless, the method is quick, and the results are decent. However, most people I've told about it are already set in their ways, so they stick with the known. We use 8-10 cup filters. We make up 5 each night. Three go in a stanley thermos with boiling water. They steep into hot coffee by morning on their own. The remaining two are threaded into the tines of a fork for a later single cup method. In both cases, cleanup is a matter of throwing away the bag(s). Here's how: pour a scoop of ground coffee into a filter, then fold up the top until it is about an inch and a half wide. Then fold over the top quarter inch of the top folds, and fold sideways one last time (this insures the grounds are trapped in the filter bagette). Lastly, put a staple into the fold at the top. There are two ways to make a single cup. A stapled bag can be put into one of the insulated travel mugs, and left to sit for a bit. Like the thermos, the grounds steep into the water on their own, and tend to get stronger as you drink. We usually thread one onto a fork, and massage it in the open cup of hot water about 100 times to make a quicker cup. Making the bags takes about 15 seconds each once the knack is learned, and making a single cup takes about a minute and a half. More massaging, or less water makes a stronger cup. It somehow makes a very mild cup, acidic wize. In lew of stapling, a friend we showed the method to simply folded it a bit differently leaving the down fold until last, then put the fork tines between the crease of the fold. This method has worked for his single cups for a long time now. It fits our desire for a good easy cup of coffee with zero grounds clean-up. Folders Black Silk/5 O'clock mix tastes okay to us, but if we come across a Costco, we like the San Francisco Bay Gourmet french roast whole beans, ground up as needed. We love the method so much, I don't think we will ever go to any other method, even with unlimited grid power.
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(09-29-2017, 11:52 AM)Boyntonstu Wrote: I have had very few great cups of coffee in my life.

I bought green beans and roasted them, etc., yet the best coffee that I could make was never as good as the few great cups that I bought.

(Please do not recommend Charbucks! )

What coffee do you make and where do you buy it?

Do you grind?

How do you brew it?  I use pour over.

If it is great coffee, I drink it black.

Less than great, I have to doctor it up with lightener and with sweetener.

Any recommendations?

I lived in Iowa back in 1996. Hit the Walmart in Iowa City one night, saw "French Roast" coffee and I "Believe" it was Yuban. I forgot to get creamer/sugar and had brewed a pot by then....Not wanting to waste it, I tried it and was stunned how great it tasted.

I later went and bought a case of them. Moving back to Oregon, I never could find it or when I did, they changed the mix or something. Tasted bad then....Now I have switched to tea and 1-2 sweet and low packets.....
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