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Traveling with pets into Mexico, Canada
Took my two Aussies to Canada thispast May. Had all health certs, rabies.etc. Also had the unopened bag of food. And somebody anecdotally told me to include certificate of ownership since they were purebred (something to do with illegal dog sales)
Got to border crossing and they only looked at my passport and waved me through. Maybe it was a busy day.
Same returning to the states.
Next time I will still bring all the stuff - don't want to risk not getting waved through.
a tag along vagabond, hopefully ftrv by 2020
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So can anyone speak to the Mexico side of the original question? I've read above ut some who seem to head to Baja and south in you take your dogs/ cats/ whatever's?
a tag along vagabond, hopefully ftrv by 2020
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Idea I suppose you must also take into consideration the requirements for getting back into USA. The first rabies vaccination has to be given more than a month before entry.
So if you acquire a puppy on your travels. He can't be vaccinated until 3 months old and therefore can't travel from Canada to USA until 4 months old. Though its possible he can travel without vaccination before he is 3 months. I am also interested to know the answer to the Mexico part of the question here.
(10-07-2017, 12:02 PM)evenkeel Wrote: Hello, I'm preparing for a lot of rv-ing after I retire in January, maybe even full timing. In addition to traveling through the western US, I'd like to be able to travel into Mexico and Canada, but I have a dog and 2 finches. I've tried to find info online about what is needed to pass over the border with pets, but didn't find anything that really spelled it out for me. I'd really love to hear from anyone who has personal experience in this instance, and any recommendations/preparations I should take into account. Thank you very much.
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