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Styrofoam beads
Definitely....NO BEADS!
("Open cell" foam is bad...)

If you really want to fill them, there are small, 2-part closed cell foam kits available....but it can be messy...cover anything you don't want foam splatter to stick to!
At the bottom of this page is a 12 board feet kit for 30 bucks:

Measure and do the math...12 board feet equals 12 square feet 1 inch thick.
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The antistatic packing peanuts would not stick to stuff as easily. I've been buying them from to ship the many small boxes I've been doing lately. (selling on ebay)
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I definitely don't want to use spray foam, and packing peanuts would leave too many voids

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Then the stuff I showed you.

Or just use rigid panels, thick as possible (willing) complete coverage over all steel, don't worry about inside the body work.
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Yepp... I'll stuff the holes with that, and polyiso on all the panels I can cover

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(10-10-2017, 10:45 AM)jpaddler Wrote: I have a small cargo van (unibody construction) with lots of hollow open spaces in the back.

I plan on using polyiso foam board, wherever I can find a flat place glue it.

My question is, would filling up those voids with styrofoam beads be a good idea?

I know the spray foam is a bad idea, and dtugg fiberglass isn't much better.

I'm not sure if there is a better product that I could use?

These areas should stay dry (not like a door, where moisture can get in through the window seals) and I'll be using a propane furnace (propex) so moisture from heating won't be an issue.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Denim insulation has a higher R value than fiberglass, is non-toxic, you can rip it up and stuff it in holes with your hands, and it's mold resistant. It also allows water to evaporate.
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It absorbs water, and critters love to nest in it.
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