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Advice about RV Storage in Mid South East
Dear Friends:

I have an RV in Upstate New York, where it gets very cold in winter.  I want to spend the winter in the southwest, but cannot leave NY until December when the RV would have to be winterized and would be dangerous to drive because of the snow.

I am thinking about moving the RV to North Carolina or some other place like that (where the climate is moderate) during the thanksgiving break, and then picking it up a month later to drive to the south west.  Does anyone have any recommendations for storage options in North Carolina (or West Virginia or other places nearby) with moderate weather from Mid November until Mid December?  All advice appreciated.  Thank you all.
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 Uwharrie Storage Solutions
248 Badin Lake Rd, New London, NC 28127

Map link :

It's a good central location. Between I-85 & 1-74. Charlotte & Greensboro. Lived just outside of Asheboro, NC a long long time ago. I loved the area. Not enough to move there though. Good luck.
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