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Bob's Store
This is going to sound really pushy, but Bob's "Store" (on this website) is still "under construction." I'm thinking people could contribute links to recommended items here, and maybe Bob can use them to update his store.

Some of the linked products in his store are not even available:,

For example. Again, sorry to be pushy, but I'm interested in buying a solar lamp (or 2 or 3) and trying to decide which one. I already got a LuminAid for "free," but they're too expensive to buy more. Would any $12 solar lantern (mostly made in China) work just as well?

Anyway, I thought maybe this would be helpful. I'd just like to see all Bob's (and other people's) recommendations in one place and I'm not seeing that place.
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someone may correctly if I am wrong but I believe if you go through Bob's link anything you buy on Amazon he gets credit for that one visit. highdesertranger
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Weight (10-15-2017)
So you're saying that if I use any of his Amazon links, anything I buy on that visit is credited to Bob? I wasn't sure, but that's great.

But my point is that in his videos Bob talks about a lot of items, and it would be great if he had links to all of them, or at least listed all of them, in his store.

Here's another awesome one: [Internet search on] "collapsible funnel." I think it was in the video with Carolyn. They're soft, squishy, and made with silicone. The one Carolyn [?] had was from Wal-Mart, and it's available online at for $9.99. There are various brands available on Amazon for as little as $4.99. Not sure if they're all the right size for toiletting purposes.
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Each one of those links take me to a goofy youtube page. Just sayin
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highdesertranger (10-19-2017)
go here,

link to Bob's amazon store.
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the texts for the links are correct, but indeed Pebbles. if you CLICK the link, it goes to somewhere else OP.
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if you go to the link I provided, and go to the little window on the right hand side of the page it works for me. highdesertranger
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thanks Pebbles for pointing that out. I deleted those links. highdesertranger
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