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Easy MPG Multiplier
Here is an easy MPG Multiplier that requires no modding, crazy weight reduction games or a new vehicle.

It's known as carpooling in the commuter world. Taking a trip? Share the rig, Two people doubles the MPG, three triples it ... eight octuples it and so on!!  

It saves YOU mecha megalo mega money, either as the driver or passenger.
This is how to quickly multiply MPG.
Working to earn my CDL so I can get ahead & LIVE LIFE!

Time saved is Time Banked* & value added.  *in quality of life context.

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well technically it doesn't improve the MPG at all. it does however get more people to a location more efficiently. but you are assuming that all the riders want to go to the same location and they all want to ride together. highdesertranger
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We should create an Obvious Man award...
1993 Ford E150 conversion

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The following 1 user says Thank You to slow2day for this post:
tx2sturgis (10-18-2017)
(10-18-2017, 10:05 AM)highdesertranger Wrote: well technically it doesn't improve the MPG at all.

One would expect that the more riders in the vehicle the lower the MPG would be because of the extra weight. There would be a proportional lowering of cost per person and carbon footprint however.

"We're all bozos on the bus, so might as well sit back and enjoy the ride."

Wavy Gravy

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The Scangauge 2 I have for my van shows 9999 mpg when I'm coasting downhill...does that count?

If we could just coast everywhere, think of the mpg gains...

(in the running for 'Obvious Man' award)

About to be 'vanless' after FOUR years...
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There's more than one reason I removed the passenger seat in my van.

Also, I'm too old to waste any more of my life waiting for people to get their act together so we can GO.
Someone wanted me to put this here:
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The reason coach on airplanes is tight is because planes burn a lot of fuel, so to get the seat cost down the plane get packed. By that same logic having more than the driver in the car multiplies the MPG by the factor of the total number of people in the vehicle. At least this is the greenie logic.

I created this thread because I read about a frugal father who take a cross country trip every year, and depending on gas prices takes his RV or family car. He buzzed about stopping for the nights in truckstops/Walmart with the family car on years the gas prices were high, but nothing on how his kids felt traveling that way. This is sickening to me because he subjects his kids to roughing it on high gas price years to save maybe a few hundred dollars. Instead of taking the RV, spending the few hundred dollars to have a much more comfortable and pleasurable experience. Possibly, he didn't realize that the road trip driving cost is practically the same whether there is four people or one in the vehicle.
Working to earn my CDL so I can get ahead & LIVE LIFE!

Time saved is Time Banked* & value added.  *in quality of life context.

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The savings in MPG is more than lost on additional medical bills from the stress of dealing with the hassle of someone trying to fit into my space...and failing.

My kitten is my only passenger.
"I never saw a sight that didn't look better looking back"

Kat, Smidge the cat, and Honey

1988 Honeywell.  E350 chassis   21'
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There was a study on city bus MPG per passenger-
It was far, far lower than the worst sedan, ever- it's funny: for some pf the same reasons you've complained about in your personal experience

The bus stops frequently and idles, waiting as we all know, so its getting zero MPG

It's always accelerating or braking, that's really great, LoL

But, toward end of lines it had few to no passengers, most times only the driver, so it was getting negative per passenger-
putting on miles and burning fuel empty.
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