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Charger and inverter as two separate devices
This is a long story....see my post under Renogy 2000w not working

I am looking for two separate devices.     I charger...110 shore power 30amp to charge 12v battery

Then, separately, an inverter to 2000w.    

I can simply take the renogy and only wire it for the inverter....already done, just discone t the wiring to the shore power plug.

But..finding that charger seems to be a bit harder....  anyone know of a brand?   
A device that does this?   

I think this is the solution I need
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Kat....................I use a Progressive Dynamics converter (12v Charger) often recommended by SternWake for my GC batteries........

Here's their offerings for your Lithium Batts:
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tx2sturgis (10-18-2017)
Here is a longish article about LiFePo battery. It is by a well regarded, respected expert, and he does a great deal of testing. Get a cup of bourbon, and settle down for a rainy afternoon. Important information about charging LiFePo. Read before you change anything. by Rod Collins,
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Sterling ProCharge Ultra and ProMariner Pronautic P are the only two shore power chargers I would connect to LFP.

Set a custom profile, absorb voltage to 13.8V float to 13.1

But if you have other charge sources, go to a Sterling batt-to-batt style DCDC charger, same settings.

This will be the only charge source directly on your charge buss, fed from a lead batt being charged from whatever primary source, plain power supply, dumb converter, whatever.
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There are three types of converters/chargers.

The stupid single stage, single voltage unit like the Paralax 7300 in my trailer.

A auto so called smart unit like the PD60 mentioned above that are multi stage and possible programmable.

A Adjustable voltage charger like the Power Max where you provide the brains and timer. Had I kept the big generator I would have gone for a Power Max 120a. The 30a adjustable power supply I have now is not enough to get the 675 Ah bank above 13v.

Last thing to consider is IF you get a generator is that it takes a certain size to run a given charger. My 800 watt inverter generator will push the 30a charger but not the trailers 55 amp converter if the bank is low. A 2000w generator will push most average converters but it will not touch the larger 120 amp range.
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duckwonder (10-24-2017)
All the units I mentioned above allow the user to derate charge current as needed to accommodate limitations of the devices or circuits upstream.

So I recommend buying as big as you think you'll ever need, for future-proofing, based on your bank's capacity to absorb.

Or within budget restrictions of course.

I'm waiting for Charles to release his 180A B2B version myself, he says RSN 8-)
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John. You need to read that article by Rod Collins in the link that I posted.
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I have, several times. Was there something I wrote you think conflicts with his advice?
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Sterling, Promariner, other 'smart' chargers for LiFePo charging. Li doesn't need float charging. Results of Rod's testing carry that argument.
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Rod has written in dozens of posts that if Float cannot be disabled, reducing Float voltage is an acceptable compromise. There is no evidence of any negative effect, and in fact as long as the setpoint is below the batt's resting voltage, there is zero current flow.

Do you know of any automated charge sources that just shut off charging completely?

I certainly don't know of any.

However it would not be hard to wire a cutoff based on SoC or voltage if you were that concerned.

Or just manually supervise charging yourself with a generic power supply.

In other words this is not in fact an issue.
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