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Red Pocket mobile ebay plans
"1K MB" must be referring to a GB?
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I have been on the fence regarding RP quite a while, but I really wanted a direct carrier based Verizon option in addition to the 3G we got a year ago from Jim's recommendation (thanks again Jim!).

Today I pulled the trigger, because Ebay had the 6GB plan for $330 and ebay had a $15 discount on top of that.
So I paid $315 (which is a lot of money upfront, I know, YIKES), but will end up to $26.25 a month if all works out.

Red Pocket ebay deal $330 / year for 6GB data and unlimited talk and text plus international calls to certain countries

To sweeten the deal I got the $315 in ebay gift cards at Frys, which is doing a 4x Fuel points promo, BUT when I checked out 
I realised I ended up getting 6x Points. So that's like $63 in fuel discounts at Frys/Shell/Circle K. I'll take it!

Just wanted to let people know about the giftcards giving more points than anticipated AND that ebay will have a $20 off deal on Friday (code PBLACKFRIDAY) 
So if you are interested that may be an option.
Amazon has the 3GB deal still for $255, but I figured for $5 more a month I can get twice as much data.
Can't wait to test this and will be reporting back!!
My plan is to use the Verizon card in the RP package!
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Hey Jim, I saw the video Bob did of you discussing Mobile WiFi plans etc, very nice job.
Do you have the model number of that directional antenna? PM if you wish.

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This one is $47.85

John, 1 gig is 1024 Mb so pretty close.

Those are some nice deals for Black Friday.
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