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Trash left in Cottonwood AZ
If you look at the trash you can possibly tell if it's household trash or boondocker trash. We can only carry so much trash around for one thing.

I don't know what was in the big pile but I'd like to know the contents. It's highly unlikely a boondocker would have a huge pile of anything. Who has the space?

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Sadly, there are boondockers who do leave trash. So while the vast majority do not, it is a distinct possibility that boondockers did it. I'd guess I know where that was at and yes, it is where boondockers camp.
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Saying it's a distinct possibility is not the same as saying they DID it.

It's this kind of  repeating hearsay that causes entire groups of minorities to be demonized and discriminated against.   

I've been on the receiving end of this discrimination,  relevant to this topic. 
I'm sensitive about it. I'm not apologizing, merely explaining. 

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I totally agree that no one should leave their trash behind no matter who they are. Just because trash was found does not mean RV community did it. I'm sure there are lots of city folk who look down on free living people who would think nothing of dumping their crap to make others look bad. I see maggots in my neighborhood every day going out of their way looking to cause trouble for others, the whole reason why we are leaving this rat race. We do not know who or why, maybe they had no choice.
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A big problem everywhere, country or city, is people dumping trash illegally because they don't want to take it to the proper disposal area (dump, transfer stations, dumpster, etc). I live in a urban area and pretty much every vacant lot or patch of woods has some type of dumped trash on it. Sad that people are so damn lazy and cheap and don't care about the environment. I live in a neighborhood on a corner lot and almost daily find trash in the gutter or my yard that people have dumped from their card while riding food containers, drink bottles, papers, etc. Irritates the hell out of me since everyone in the neighborhood takes pride in their yards and houses.
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Every year they have a "Clean The Bay" day in this area where thousands of volunteers go through the Chesapeake Bay and all the tributaries of it and pick up trash. They get TONS of trash, everything for plastics, paper, normal household waste, appliances, tires.....the list is endless.
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I wonder if these 'trash events' are a purposeful way to eliminate free people from using the sites Sad... wouldn't surprise me
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Trashy jerks are everywhere. I clean up the entrances to my neighborhood now and then and it is amazing how much people throw out , I guess they do it to 'keep their car clean'. We have some vacant houses where people dump junk too. Someone uses the local Walmart parking lot to dump old tires and everyone seems to use it to dispose of dirty diapers.

I saw someone putting stuff in a local business' dumpster a few Sundays ago, went around the corner then walked to where I could get some pictures. Came back the next day and showed the pictures to the thankful owner who recognized the dumper as an ex employee that didn't have permission to use the dumpster.

I'm old enough to remember when there was a push to get people to stop throwing trash from their cars. It was like it was a new concept, you could buy little trash cans to sit on your cars transmission hump. Here is an example.

"We're all bozos on the bus, so might as well sit back and enjoy the ride."

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Here's some of the Facebook post from Boondockers united.

Thousand Trails.
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Gsfish is right.   I've seen piles of trash and garbage in the craziest places.  Drive around strip malls and fast food places.  Notice how many places lock their dumpsters now. Because people dump their trash wherever they can.  Lots of people who live in sticks and bricks houses and apartments .  Maybe they don't feel like paying for trash pickup.   Maybe they're just buttheads.  Some are poor. 

Lots of  maybes.  

And people STILL throw trash from cars. Yes, I remember that, gsfish.  That crying native American. 

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