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Trash left in Cottonwood AZ
Wait was this done at 1000 trails? Every time I've gone there's been trash that I've cleaned up. Alot of meth people use that campground, i wont ever go there again. Its been a dump for awhile.
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Homeless do it the most. We have a homeless problem in the area by my business. One particular dude was using the hose bib. We don't have a problem, he can take all the water he wants. Problem is, the idiot leaves it on. They all have now been removed by the property management company. Next up, he pried the cover off an electrical box. Why? To charge his phone? no outlet under the blank cover. The other day, I discovered piles of shit and toilet paper/paper towels/napkins behind the dumpster. Cannot even trouble himself to put it in the very dumpster he is squatting behind.

Partiers are just as bad. Beer cans, and the like. Usually Bud Light. We fill a bag while kayaking on the lake.

Then there are all those snack product packages people leave in the campgrounds.

I hate litterbugs. When caught they should be sentenced to pick up trash every weekend and holiday for a year.
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Cammalu (10-23-2017)
Okay, now I'm confused - a group called Boondockers United but they're from Thousand Trails RV Resort. That's any oxymoron if I ever saw one.... Big Grin

I'm familiar with the area and those staying at the Thousand Trails resort only have to drive about 300' feet of the road at the entrance to the BLM land. All the rest of the way in (maybe a mile and a half) is zoned no camping and is only used for range grazing of cattle. Yes, some vehicles stop right at the corner of the highway and the access road for overnight but it's certainly not a place where anyone would want to tent. The tent/boondocking areas are well away from the T/T traffic. Most of it is on the other side of the road from the access road to T/T.

Nice that they took the effort to clean it up but they certainly shouldn't be blaming boondockers for it.

Wait, the group that cleaned it up isn't blaming boondockers for the mess, they know that it was the homeless who left it behind.
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I once helped my mom move and declutter. A stupid little Mazda B2400 truckbed full off crap would always be $50 or more at the dump. Total bs.

When I was a teenager, all you had to do at the dump was show them your driver's license to establish that you were a county resident and you dumped for free. THAT is the #1 reason for illegal dumping on public lands. Federal, state, and local government never tire of finding ways to empty your wallet.

And, there is a big difference between boondockers and the fringe people trying desperately to hang on while squatting the earth. The former are usually pretty decent and the latter are frequently d- bags.

And, on another note, ever notice how much trash is left behind by the 'great white hunter' in our forests?

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(10-22-2017, 09:17 PM)pnolans Wrote: And people STILL throw trash from cars. Yes, I remember that, gsfish.  That crying native American. 


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When I was a kid my family lived in my grandmother's house near the beach. Beach goers would park in our neighborhood. We kept trashcans at either corner of the property so that the beach goers would have someplace to put their trash. Two trash cans, about 40 feet apart and many of them still threw their trash in my grandmother's planters along the pedestrian walkway.

I used to drive a pickup truck. People would throw their trash in my truck bed.
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blmkid (10-23-2017)
I feel the urge to listen to "Alice's Restaurant" for some strange reason.
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(10-22-2017, 06:04 PM)akrvbob Wrote: Sadly, there are boondockers who do leave trash. So while the vast majority do not, it is a distinct possibility that boondockers did it. I'd guess I know where that was at and yes, it is where boondockers camp.
Bob, still just because the area is where boondockers camp does not mean they did it. The crappy creatures we know would think nothing of doing this same thing just to make others look bad, especially people they disagree with. Like us.
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(10-22-2017, 09:19 PM)Zardor Wrote: Wait was this done at 1000 trails? Every time I've gone there's been trash that I've cleaned up. Alot of meth people use that campground, i wont ever go there again. Its been a dump for awhile.
exactly what is your reason for blaming "meth people" as the cause of this problem? It sounds a lot like those van dwellers did it. We should not condemn others without proof, or just because you disagree with them.
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