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Many nomads are living this lifestyle with one or more health problems unfortunately. As a 30 year old, I would probably be considered among the youngest of the community and unfortunately I am struggling with health problems.

I think creating a "Health" topic forum would be a great place for nomads to discuss their successes, challenges, and insights regarding their experiences with certain health problems.

Bob created a great video regarding getting prescription drugs, dental care, and eyeglasses in Algodones, Mexico. As a perpetual traveler, I have lived in Mexico for over a year and would be happy to share my experiences regarding healthcare, not limited to things that Bob has discussed in the aforementioned video. I think a thread to continue that conversation would be a great addition. Although, where it would go as a relevant thread in the current choice of topic forums?

I feel the importance of our health as nomads should justify the importance of having a "Health" topic forum.
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UptownSport (10-26-2017)
Good idea....but I have also made a few requests which always end up in the 'round file'...

STILL trying to get a little 'thumbs-up' smilie over there in the selection box!

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UptownSport (10-26-2017)
It was decided, long ago and after much discussion, that a health forum wouldn't be a good fit, here.

One of the previous discussions can be found, here
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rm.w/aview (10-27-2017), speedhighway46 (10-27-2017), VanDwellerMod (10-26-2017), highdesertranger (10-26-2017)
Just thought I'd add my 2 cents to this topic. I have wondered many time why there isnt a health topic here. For myself, which may not be the same for everyone, is that I dont go to any forum to get medical advice or to ask what kind or how much medication to take. I'm not saying its a bad idea, I just choose not to do that. Those questions fall to my Dr's that get paid very well for the answers I seek. But on the other hand, I would like to meet other van dwellers, rv'ers, nomads and the such, that have the same health issues and hurdles that I have. Most health or medical forums that I have visited arent focused on the mobile lifestyle. Many I believe would look down on the nomadic life and look at someone more of a destitute homeless person than them living the life of choice. I have serious heart issues, and I choose not to live like some people have actually told me I need to live. Such as live close to town, near the hospital, keep the phone close, and basically just sit in my chair, watch tv, and wait to die. I did just that for a few years, until I woke up and told myself, this is no way to live. You dont find many nomads in typical med forums. The best place to find the type of people with the same issues as yourself, are in forums like this one. 

My other half, she has to deal with my health issues just as much as I do. She to, would like to meet others like herself that deal with this on a daily basis. I often think that my life is difficult trying to deal with it all while at the same time trying to live my life to the fullest while Im still able to do it. Then I remember how much more difficult she has it than me. Its a tough life to live with someone that has major health problems. Without her, Id be stuck in the lifestyle I mentioned earlier. Sitting and waiting to die. She keeps me living.

So all in all, my 2 cents, a health topic would be good to meet others in the same boat as we are. Not to ask advise on how to fix myself, but to ask advice and get ideas on how to live a nomadic life with health issuse, from other actual nomads with the same issues.
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Nissi (10-27-2017)
I (Karen) am a paraplegic which fortunately will not cause any other problems as long as I take care of myself. Even so the fact that we were planning on continuing to live full time in an RV after my accident was met with discouragement by more than one person. One of my primary physicians could not understand why we wanted to do this. She equated it with homelessness and encouraged me to get on the waiting list for an accessible apartment. I think my current doctor finds it puzzling but does everything he can to accommodate me.

For many years I did not know any other paraplegics who were full-time RVers but I have met or communicated with a few wheelchair users recently. For me it's mostly an exchange of information about accessibility and a chance to form friendships with people who can understand some of the difficulties.

Try starting a thread in "Vandwelling topics that don't fit in other areas" and see what type of response you get. I'm sure there are members who would be interested in the experiences of people who are facing some of the same issues that they are facing.
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AbuelaLoca (10-27-2017), Nissi (10-27-2017)
kayman, I personally think it's a great idea and we could all benefit from each others knowledge. I fear there could be many reasons why it probably won't happen here, politics are strictly forbidden on this site and all roads lead to a corrupt political and healthcare system as the cause of most peoples health problems whether they know it or not, and it would undoubtedly lead to people calling each other paranoid or conspiracy theorists out of fear of realizing the truth. Wow! sure hope I didn't step over the line by saying so. I would certainly be interested in a private conversation with anyone wanting for the truth.
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See how fast it can go bad with anything that can be blamed on government, and it is us. ?
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(10-27-2017, 03:36 PM)Weight Wrote: See how fast it can go bad with anything that can be blamed on government, and it is us. ?
I see you want to shut down anyone you disagree with. Nice.
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