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RTR Prospecting Seminar
the best way I found to dry the soil was corrugated tin. we would lay out two 10 foot sheets on the feed end of the dry washer, we would then dig enough to spread over the tin about 2 inches deep. once we spread it out we would go dig some more this gave the first batch enough time to dry out and we would have another run waiting in buckets. we would just keep doing this all day. however once you get in the 40% or above moisture content it takes to long to dry. that's when you need a butt load of tin. highdesertranger
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History has a way of repeating itself. Hopefully I don't injure someone on my RIDE over there.

Hope I can make the "first forty" with my GPAA Gold Pan (it's plastic, green, a nice one).

I've got one of those.  Just made me a note to bring it. Smile
Cindy, Cleo & Joe
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highdesertranger (12-16-2017)
Bump. I have increased the number of pay dirt bags to 60. I will make an announcement at the orientation seminar(1st seminar) on where to sign up. highdesertranger
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gsfish (12-25-2017), Burbanlife (12-25-2017)
That is very cool HDR, hope the wife and I can make it there , it would be our first RTR experience.
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highdesertranger (12-25-2017)
I've always felt that you can't have too many dirt bags.

"We're all bozos on the bus, so might as well sit back and enjoy the ride."

Wavy Gravy

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highdesertranger (12-25-2017)
haha. good one Guy. highdesertranger
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Many thxs HDST never tried my luck in prospecting before. Looking forward to meeting you at the RTR and maybe when there’s a spot try my luck

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highdesertranger (12-25-2017)
Heya highdesertranger, wondering how much of your income comes from your prospecting skills? Can you make a living off of it in the right areas, etc.?
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They never answer THAT question !

Try "Are you a happy prospector?"
Stay Tuned

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HDR I tried to get more information at the orientation but no one knew where you went. They told me where your camp was but I can't walk there. I'll still go to your seminar but wanted to be official and sign up.
I have brain damage that makes understanding technical details and math related things a nightmare.  Please don't assume for me that I can just up and comprehend what you do.  My posts, requests and questions are directly related to getting and giving information that *I* can comprehend.  Thank you.
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